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    Cook Islands, Oceania

    The Act provides for the designation of land use of the Cook Islands. The 17 sections are divided into 3 Parts: Zoning Orders (I); Land Use Board (II); Administration (III). The High Commissioner may issue Orders to establish zones of land use. The use of land within the created zone shall be pursuant to the Order (sects. 3 and 4). Except in accordance with the terms of the Order, an occupier shall not make any permanent improvement or alteration or erect any building without the prior consent of the Board (sect. 6).

  2. Library Resource

    An Act to amend legislation administered by the Department of Environment, Sport and territories, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceania

    The first and second Schedule to this Act set out amendments to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975: offences (sect. 38); preparation , amendment and revocation of plans of management by the Marine Park Authority (new Part VB); search powers of inspectors (sect. 46); penalties (various sections); and other matters. The Authority may prepare plans of management for: (a) one or more areas of the Marine Park; (b) one or more species in the Park; (c) one or more ecological communities within the Park (sect. 39X).

  3. Library Resource
    Botswana, Southern Africa, Africa

    No person shall remove any natural resource from the Area under the jurisdiction of a District Council adopting these by-laws except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a removal permit (by-law 3). "Natural resources" includes firewood, gravel, sand, soil, stones, thatching, grass, veld product and river reeds. "Veld product" means any plant, root, fruit or tuber used either for consumption by humans or domestic animals or for medicinal or veterinary purposes (by-law 2).

  4. Library Resource
    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Regulations amend the principal Regulations which provide for payment to eligible persons who, in respect of an area of eligible land, undertake not to use such land for a period of at least twenty years and to manage the land with the objective of establishing an area of salt-marsh in accordance with prescribed management requirements. They amend the rate of payment of aid to beneficiaries in respect of land which was permanent grassland at the start of the management period.

  5. Library Resource
    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    This Act creates a framework for the designation and management of Crown land as park land or recreation areas. In such areas, the Minister must administer the following: government rights, property and interests, wildlife and its habitats, preservation, development use, etc. of these areas and their natural resources; the regulation and control of public and private use or exploitation of these areas and their resources, and of human activity and conduct (sect. 3). It provides for "park use permits" and "resource use permits", i.e.

  6. Library Resource

    An Act to protect and provide for the the enhancement of the resources of the Columbia River Gorge, and for other purposes.

    United States of America, Americas, Northern America

    A National Scenic Area is established and certain areas of the Area are designated as special management areas under section 4. A Columbia River Gorge Commission, which is a regional agency, shall be established by way of an interstate agreement between the States of Oregon and Washington. The Commission shall prepare a scenic area management plan under section 6. The Commission shall also develop land use designations within 2 years of its establishment. Sections 7 and 8 provide for the administration of the Scenic Area and the special management areas. (18 sections)

  7. Library Resource
    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    No person shall, from the 1st day of January, 1997, undertake any of the categories of enterprise, construction or development specified in Column A of the Schedule, within the area specified in Column B thereof, except under and in accordance with a permit issued by the Natural Resources Conservation Authority. This requirement shall not apply to any category of enterprise, construction or development which was in existence before the 1st of January, 1997. (2 sections and a Schedule)

  8. Library Resource
    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    These Regulations provide for the grant of permits for activities in prescribed areas in the sense of section 9 of the Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act and the grant of licences in accordance with section 12 of the same Act for existing facilities. The Conservation Authority may, by notice, require the owner or any person having the charge or management of an existing facility to upgrade such facility to current standards applicable to new facilities (reg. 9). Regulation 13 provides for renewal of licences, regulation 15 for the revocation of suspension of a licence.

  9. Library Resource
    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    These Rules outline requirements for and procedures of notification of appeal and appeal with the Tribunal against enforcement notices pursuant to provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act. A notice shall be accompanied by the following documents: (1) the enforcement notice to which the appeal relates; (ii) where the relevant enforcement notice requires the cessation of work in any development, a certificate from the Government Town Planner certifying that the work has ceased in conformity with that Notice (rule 3). (5 rules)

  10. Library Resource
    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    Made under section 18 of the Agriculture Act 1986 which gives the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food the power to designate an area of England as an environmentally sensitive area, this Order provides for an agreement between the Minister and a farmer. In the designated area prescribed agricultural methods shall be adopted so as to conserve, protect or enhance environmental features in that area. For this purpose the Minister may enter into a management agreement with any person having an interest in agricultural land in any designated area.

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