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  1. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2006
    Morocco, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Germany, China, Italy, Indonesia, Ghana, India, Ethiopia, Republic of Korea, Cameroon, Asia

    This first edition of ROA Policy Brief is designed to clarify the roles of economic valuation of the external impacts from agriculture in policy-making, by resolving misunderstanding and confusion pertaining to existing valuation studies.

  2. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2008
    India, Nepal

    The Masscote application presented here has been initialized through a training workshop in Karnataka for engineers and managers from the KNNL focussing on Ghataprabha Left Bank Canal [GBLC] from 6 to 20 October 2006. The contributions of the working group sessions at this workshop (RAP–MASSCOTE) have been largely included in this report.

  3. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2016

    حمّل التقرير <a href="/3/a-i4009e.pdf"><i> الحفظ والتوسع من الناحية العملية: الذرة والأرز والقمح </i></a>. متوفر باللغة الإنكليزية فقط. لإطعام عدد سكان العالم الذي يتزايد، ليس أمامنا خيار سوى أن نكثِّف الإنتاج المحصولي. ولكن المزارعين يواجهون معوقات غير مسبوقة. ويجب أن تتعلم الزراعة كيف تحفظ لكي تتوسع.

  4. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2016

    下载该报告 <a href="/3/a-i4009e.pdf"><i>节约与增长的实践:玉米、稻谷、小麦。</i></a>。 本出版物仅以英文提供。

  5. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2016
    Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru

    Banana cultivation demands a large and frequent water supply throughout the production cycle to ensure optimal growth of the plantation, productivity and fruit quality. The types of irrigation used for banana can be sub foliar spray, suprafoliar spray, and drip gravity. The selection of the irrigation system to use depends on the availability of resources and access to technology. Aspects such as moisture retention, basic infiltration, evaporation and water balance potential also must be considered.

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