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    Journal Articles & Books
    September, 1996

    This document focuses on the Statistical "Master Book" of Tigray and is the first attempt ofits kind to bring together into one major document all the statistical resources of Tigray, This effon was undertaken through the collaborative efforts ofthe Economic Commissionfor Africa (ECA.) andthe Tigray Development Association (IVA) under the joint programme, "Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Rehabilitation in Tigray (SAERT)".

  2. Library Resource

    ECA/FAO Agriculture Division staff papers no.1

    Conference Papers & Reports
    April, 1991

    This paper states that, in Africa, smallholder agriculture is the main source of employment for the majority of the rural population and the bulk of the staple food is produced by this segment of the population.

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    Reports & Research
    March, 1992

    The agricultural and rural sector is very important in Africa and enormous efforts have been made to develop it, not only at the national level, but also at the regional and subregional level. However, despite this, the growth of the sector has not kept pace with population growth: according to FAI, the population is increasing by 3.3 per cent per year, but agricultural output by only 1.5 percent per year.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 1990

    The project was first conceived as a “Transnational project on the Management of Major Regional Aquifer in N.E. Africa” during the UNCOD held in Nairobi in 1977 and that it had been taken up by ADALCO in 1987. He pointed out that the sandstone aquifer occupying an area of about 2,000,0000 sq. km underlines the common border areas of Sudan, Egypt, Libya and Chad. Environmentally, it was observed that the zone has a relief characterized by a vast sandy plan, which is occasionally interrupted by scattered flat topped Nubaian plateaux and escarpments.

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    Reports & Research
    March, 1987

    Over the last two decades* Africa has gradually lost its ability to feed its population and finance its investment for its agricultural sector. It is increasingly depending on industrialized countries for its needs. At the same time, earnings from major export crops have drastically fallen while external debts of many African States have multiplied over the last decade.

  6. Library Resource

    ECA/FAO Agriculture Division staff papers No. 3

    Reports & Research
    December, 1986

    This paper examines the role of the International Financial institutions in the formulation of African macro-economic policies with particular reference to efforts aimed at adjusting the agricultural sectors of African economies. The paper attempts to

    assess the impact of Structural Adjustment Programs(SAP)on African agriculture and through an examination of the application of the programs in three African countries - Malawi,Tanzania and Zambia.

  7. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 1998

    Food insecurity is expected to accelerate substantially in sub-Saharan Africa where available evidence suggests that environmental degradation such as soil erosion, desertification and deforestation is seriously depend for increasing their agricultural productivity. As a result, about 44 percent of Africa's population live below the poverty line earning an income of about $39 per month.

  8. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 1982

    It will be recalled that, at its 5th meeting held at Rabat, the ECA Conference of ministers decided to include studies and related activities concerning the establishment of agricultural commodity exchange for Eastern and Southern African States in the work programme of the Lusaka MULPOC for 1980-1981. Thereafter, the Lusaka MULPOC Council of Ministers, at its 3rd meeting held at Gaborone, Botswana, formally incorporated that project in its work programme for 1980.

  9. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    February, 1985

    This paper focuses on the proposals for food and agriculture development 1986 – 1990. the experiences and implications of the current crisis re-emphasize ever more sharply Africa's development priorities in the immediate future and in the long run.

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