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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2013
    Caribbean, Northern Africa, Eastern Africa, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa, Asia

    Nel 2012 la tempesta tropicale Isaac e l’uragano Sandy hanno martoriato Haiti, danneggiando i raccolti, facendo straripare i fiumi, alla­gando le strade e bloccando l’accesso alle comunità. Mentre i prezzi ali­mentari aumentavano e i debiti crescevano, gli haitiani poveri hanno adot­tato misure estreme. Alcuni sono emigrati. Altri hanno resistito riducendo il numero di pasti al giorno e svendendo le proprie terre o il bestiame. Ogni estate, gli haitiani temono lo scatenarsi della furia degli elementi.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2015
    Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Somalia, Canada, India, Senegal, Pakistan, Niger

    Questo libro racconta la storia dei sette decenni della FAO, i suoi protagonisti e i fatti salienti. Dall’archivio storico della FAO sono state selezionate fotografie inedite, in bianco e nero, dei primi anni dell'Organizzazione, con le quali è stato possibile realizzare un’avvincente raccolta di immagini.

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    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2015

    Changes in the usage of a particular urban or regional area have immediate effects on transportation, such as the development of a new multimodal terminal within a city, or the creation of a business park in its outskirts. Thus far, this correlation has been under-researched at a national level in Greece. As a result, its effects on trip generation and passenger flows has been underestimated at the planning level, leading to the implementation of projects that are neither viable nor sustainable.

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    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2015
    United States of America

    The set of models available to predict land use change in urban regions has become increasingly complex in recent years. Despite their complexity, the predictive power of these models remains relatively weak. This paper presents an example of an alternative modeling framework based on the concept of a Markov chain. The model assumes that land use at any given time, which is viewed as a discrete state, can be considered a function of only its previous state.

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    Peer-reviewed publication
    January, 2014

    The paper begins from testing a renewed interest by the Italian legislator about aspects of land ownership, and examines recent proposals of regulatory measures presented in the years 2012 and 2013. Therefore are taken into account the law projects concerning the so called ‘Consumption’ of agricultural land, presented to the Parliament by the Italian government either in September 2012 then in June 2013, following the election of the new Parliament in the Spring of 2013.

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    Peer-reviewed publication
    June, 2013

    This paper illustrates the application of the procedures for the activity of the Technical Board as called for in Article 21 of the general law for quantifying compensation for expropriation. By comparing other of alternative dispute resolution techniques and with specific focus on the valuation issue, this paper will propose a protocol for rationalizing the procedure and for reaching consensus on the assessment.

  7. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    June, 2014

    This paper seeks to outline the key aspects of sustainability in the built environment by focusing attention on the LEED® certification system as a “universal” instrument to support the implementation,
    management and evaluation of sustainable buildings.
    The first part of the paper describes the rapid spread of the LEED certification in recent years as a direct consequence of the capacity of this instrument rating to adapt to specific types of buildings as well as to different climatic conditions and morphological features of the sites.

  8. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2014
    Brazil, Italy

    This article presents examples of new forms of sociability in the city and in the urban public spaces by the use of digital social networks. The article provides an introduction to the use of the Internet as a space that fosters the development of a new sociability based on a massive collaborative culture.

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