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    Закон о утврђивању јавног интереса и посебним поступцима експропријације и издавања грађевинске дозволе ради реализације пројекта „Београд на води”.

    Serbia, Europe

    This Law regulates and defines the establishment of public interest for expropriation and construction of the real estate property for the project "Belgrade on water", as a project of special importance for the Republic of Serbia and the City of Belgrade, also determining the parties and special expropriation rules, the procedure and method for the issuance of building permits and other documents necessary in the construction process, and valid land and area planning documentation.

  2. Library Resource

    Zakon o koncesijama.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law regulates the subject and authority aimed to grant concessions, concessions policy and the procedure for the award of concessions on the territory of Republic of Srpska, elements of the concession agreement and the termination of the concession agreement, the rights and obligations of the concessionaire and concession holders, the choice and responsibility of the Commission for Concessions and other issues of importance for the concessions.The concession is, in terms of this Law, the right to conduct economic activities using public property, natural resources and other assets of g

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    Zakon o koncesijama.

    Serbia, Europe

    This Law provides all necessary conditions, standards, manner and procedures for: granting concessions for the use of natural resources, goods for general use, performance of certain activities of common interest; defining the object of the concession, duration of the concession, concession agreement, concessionary fees and charges, realization of concession rights and obligations; establishment and operation of the authorized concession company, and other issues of importance for the realization of the concessions on the territory of the Serbian Republic.The Law is divided into 10 Chapters

  4. Library Resource

    Zakon o uređenju prostora i građenju.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law provides all standards and official requirements aimed to regulate the system of spatial planning and construction standards, preparation and adoption of spatial planning documents, location conditions, land construction rules and requirements (environmental provisions), issuance of building permits, the type and content of the technical documentation, construction of objects and relationships between participants in the construction, use and removal of buildings, legalization of buildings (administrative and technical), mesures for the mandatory implementation of the Law, jurisdic

  5. Library Resource
    December, 2016

    This Regulation determines the effective national public interest and related actions in terms of concessions and land expropriation as regards the construction of several small hydropower plants on the Montenegro land area situated on the boundaries of the river called Đurička (Municipality of Plav, Republic of Montenegro), including the areas of its small flowing/tributary side rivers (full coordinates and land parcels description is part of the text).

    Implements: Law on expropriation. (2009-03-27)

  6. Library Resource
    June, 2009
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Regulation sets the conditions governing the procedures and terms for obtaining the lease of specific forest land parcel if public/state owned; and only if not previously assigned/intended for different purpose (if not part of the area covered with strategic environmental or planning documents).This Regulation provides for administrative requirements, economic related provisions, procedural issues and contents for contracts to be stipulated in relation with lease requests.

    Implements: Forest Law (Republic of Srpska). (2008-07-17)

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