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    June, 1951

    This Act governs the leasing of farm land.The amount of rent from farm land shall not exceed 37.5 per cent of the total annual harvest of the principal product of its main crops. It shall be reduced to 37.5 per cent if the originally agreed rent is more than 37.5 per cent. It shall not be increased to 37.5 per cent if the originally agreed rent is less than 37.5 per cent.The Municipal or County (City) Government and the Village (Township,City, District) Office shall respectively set up the Farm Land Tenancy Committee.

  2. Library Resource
    Hungary, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The purpose of this Act is to discover legal transactions concluded in the past and intended to elude resctrictive legal provisons concerning the aquisition of property and use of agricultural land, to prevent legal effects related to such transactions and to put an end to the illigal status.

  3. Library Resource
    September, 2006

    These Regulations, consisting of 17 articles, are enacted in accordance with the Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, aiming to strengthen the management of land resources in the Yili River Basin, rationally develop and use land, protect and improve the ecological environment, and achieve sustainable development.The land development of the Yili River Basin refers to the activities of scientific, rational and effective exploitation and business operation of the undeveloped land in the Yili River Baisin.

  4. Library Resource
    International Conventions or Treaties
    Ethiopia, Eritrea, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea ad seeks to resolve the misunderstanding between the parties regarding their common border and establish a neutral Boundary Commission. The parties agree that the delimitation and demarcation determinations of the Commission shall be final and binding. Each party shall respect the border so determined, as well as territorial integrity and sovereignty of the other party. The Agreement also provides for the eatblishment of a a neutral Claims Commission.

  5. Library Resource
    February, 2015

    The purpose of this Act is to strengthen the administration on agricultural land consolidation.An agricultural land consolidation committee, called the “Central Land Consolidation Committee” shall be established.

  6. Library Resource
    Grenada, Americas, Caribbean

    The Act provides with respect to the holding of rights in land and mortgages by foreigners in Grenada. It also provides for forfeiture of illegally-held land and shares of companies that do not comply with the provisions of this Act. The Minister may, if he or she thinks fit, from time to time, grant to any alien a licence to hold land as owner or tenant for any estate or interest either subject to any condition (or not) or grant to an alien a licence to hold land as mortgagee for any estate or interest therein.

  7. Library Resource
    Algeria, Africa, Northern Africa

    Le présent arrêté définit les modalités d’appel à candidature et les critères de choix des candidats à la concession des terres agricoles et des biens superficiaires du domaine privé de l’Etat rendus disponibles.Les terres agricoles et les biens superficiaires rendus disponibles peuvent être concédés après appel à candidature à des personnes physiques de nationalité algérienne selon la priorité donnée par les dispositions de l’article 17 de la loi n° 10-03 du 5 Ramadhan 1431 correspondant au 15 août 2010 fixant les conditions et les modalités d’exploitation des terres agricoles du domaine p

  8. Library Resource
    Madagascar, Africa, Eastern Africa

    Le présent arrêté définit les règles de construction et d’exploitation des stations service qui doivent être appliquées dans la profession pétrolière.En application des termes du présent règlement, nul ne peut, à l’intérieur du territoire Malgache, ni construire, ni aménager une station-service, ni installer des postes de distribution d’hydrocarbures sans une autorisation délivrée par l’Office Malgache des Hydrocarbures (O.M.H).

  9. Library Resource
    Djibouti, Africa, Eastern Africa

    Le présent Arrêté déclasse du domaine public maritime de l'État, la parcelle d'une contenance (83,89 ha) sise dans l'enceinte du port de Djibouti.La parcelle de terrain fera l'objet d'une immatriculation au domaine privé de l'Etat pour aliénation.

  10. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1949
    Egypt, South Africa, Hungary, Thailand, China, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, India, Pakistan, Finland, Norway, Canada

    An international journal of forestry and forest industries

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