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    August, 2013

    This study identifies several factors
    that inhibit efficiency improvements in the farming sector,
    both in themselves and through the dynamics of their mutual
    interaction. The study observes that incentives faced in the
    labor market have important implications for the land
    structure and, and in many ways, are at the heart of the
    problem of low labor productivity in agriculture. The study
    finds that, while rural households are increasingly

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    February, 2011
    Poland, Europe, Central Asia

    Against the backdrop of agreement that global coordinated action is needed to prevent dangerous climate change, individual countries are thinking through the implications of climate action for their economies and people. The rest of the report is organized along the following lines. The next section provides background on Poland's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Then section B sets out Poland's existing carbon abatement targets and key policy challenges related to GHG mitigation. The next section summarizes the innovative methodological approach used by the report.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2015

    In this exploration of urban and regional dynamics in Poland after the transition, the authors find that the degree of urbanization, and primacy remains low in Poland. The largest cities are not growing at the rate that would be expected if post-transition adjustments were operating freely. As a result, Poland is not fully realizing external economies from urban agglomeration. Internal migration decreased significantly in the 1990s, with rural-to-urban migration declining dramatically.

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