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  1. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    November, 2016
    Africa, South Africa

    This is a judgement in the Land Claims Court which concerned the validity of land claims lodged under The Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act 15 of 2014. This act was an amended version of the Restitution of Land rights Act 22 f 1994 which differed by extending the time frame for persons, descendants, or communities who were disposed of land after 1913 to lodge land claims.  Previously the cut-off date under the 1994 to lodge claims was 31st December 1998. Under the 2014 Act, claims could up lodged from the passing of the act until 30 June 2019.

  2. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    May, 2017
    South Africa

    Political transformations in most developing nations have been accompanied by vast land claims by indigenous communities who were forcibly detached from their traditional land during colonisation and apartheid-like dispensations. In the context of sub-Saharan African countries (including South Africa), the need for land reform has been aggravated by the great scarcity of farmland. However, most of the reclaimed land is in areas pursuing conservation activities.

  3. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2006
    Burkina Faso, Benin, Nigeria, Belgium, Rwanda, Mali, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Niger, Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Lesotho, Uganda, Italy, Tanzania, Botswana, France, Africa

    Across rural Africa, land legislation struggles to be properly implemented, and most resource users gain access to land on the basis of local land tenure systems.

  4. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    April, 2015
    South Africa

    The meeting began with the adoption of the draft report on the budget vote 39, where a number of small issues were raised, including typos and minor amendments. The main thrust of the changes was that the Land Claims Court should be given greater priority, and a policy needed to be put in place to help with alleviating the bottlenecks in these courts. The adoption of the report became heated when the DA abstained from approving it, even though they had been a part of the process from the beginning.

  5. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    July, 1994
    South Africa

    To provide for the temporary protection of certain rights to and interests in land which are not otherwise adequately protected by law; and to provide for matters connected therewith

  6. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    November, 2015
    South Africa

    The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) presented the Annual Report 2014/15 for the Communal Property Associations (CPAs). To date, 1 428 CPAs were registered, with 48 being registered in the last financial year. Challenges faced by CPAs included ongoing conflicts amongst CPA members which centred on governance issues, and the fact that some CPAs were insolvent and needed an injection of funds to put them on a sound footing. 29 CPAs were untraceable, 20 CPAs had lost (through sale or loss by attachment) 10 668 hectares of land, and nine CPAs were under administration.

  7. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    June, 2015
    South Africa

    Members expressed concern that the Communal Property Associations Annual Report 2014/5 had not been signed by the Minister nor tabled in Parliament yet. The Committee agreed that it could not consider the Department’s presentation because the corresponding report had not been submitted to them in advance. The Deputy Director-General of the Department explained the delay and the Minister apologised to the Committee. The meeting was then adjourned.

  8. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    May, 1996
    South Africa

    To enable communities to form juristic persons, to be known as communal property associations in order to acquire, hold and manage property on a basis agreed to by members of a community in terms of a written constitution; and to provide for matters connected therewith. (English text signed by the President.)

  9. Library Resource
    Legislation & Policies
    National Policies
    July, 2017
    Africa, South Africa

    Writ­ten sub­mis­sions on the Communal Property Associations Amendment Act to the Portfolio Committee Rural Development and Land Reform

  10. Library Resource

    Settling the land claim

    Reports & Research
    December, 2013
    South Africa

    The key focus of this document is the settlement of the Ebenhaeser restitution claim in the Western Cape. This is guided by the Settlement Framework Agreement which was signed by the Community, the then Department of Land Affairs and the Commission on the Restitution of Land Rights in March 2005. 

    The CDLAP has three main components:

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