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    Peer-reviewed publication
    July, 2012

    The field for application of biomass is rising. The demand for food and feeding stuff rises while at the same time energy, chemicals and other materials also need to be produced from biomass because of decreasing fossil resources. However, the biorefinery ideas and concepts can help to use the limited renewable raw materials more efficiently than today. With biorefineries, valuable products, such as platform chemicals, can be produced from agricultural feedstock, which can subsequently be further processed into a variety of substances by the chemical industry.

  2. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    September, 2010

    This study aims at presenting a conceptual model for landscape management in the Himalayan region of India,
    using quantitative/mathematical approach. Keeping in view the requirement, (based on fifteen years empirical
    field work in the Himalayan region and as well as literature survey) the MODAM (Multiple Objectives Decision
    Support Tools for Landscape Management) model along with linear programming approach was adopted with a
    view to presenting additional methodological perspectives on interdisciplinary landscape research. The work has

  3. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    October, 2010

    Planning often yields only limited influence on policy making. This paper explores how planning could address this
    challenge and support most effectively transitions towards sustainable landscape change. In merging insights from
    sustainability science research and nine recently concluded case studies of landscape planning, the paper reflects
    upon the applicability of the concept of “transition support”, discusses planning approaches and their perceived
    effectiveness to induce change in landscape governance, and identifies lessons learned. The paper’s outcomes

  4. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    September, 2014

    As part of the planned expansion work of the motorway A8 between Rosenheim and Salzburg and the
    associated legal opportunity to develop new traffic noise protection measures, this study investigated
    properties of sustainable noise abatement in a community next to the A8. A two-stage empirical survey
    was conducted integrating a citizen and an expert Delphi survey. The results show that the noise from
    the motorway heavily affects the quality of life in health, economic and ecological respects. Sustainable

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