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    Legislation & Policies
    September, 1982

    This  Act  is  meant  mainly  to  arrest  and  curb  the unlawful  activity  of grabbing Government land, a local authority, a religious or Charitable Institution or Endowment including Wakf or any other private property, either individually or in groups either by force or decrepit or otherwise. 

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    December, 1982

    The constitution was drafted and approved by a National Constituent Assembly.

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    December, 1982

    The constitution was drafted in a Consultative Assembly and approved in a national referendum.

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    Manuals & Guidelines
    January, 1982

    SUMILLA:  Derechos Constitucionales y su protección jurídica RESUMEN:  La constitución de la República de Honduras se encarga de velar por las garantias colectivas e individuales de los habitantes de Honduras. Contempla la justificación del poder propio constituyente, soberanía nacional, poderes constituidos y tabla de derechos fundamentales. El preámbulo expone lo previo a una normativa de la Constitución, ley o reglamento.

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