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    Journal Articles & Books
    October, 2016
    South America, Africa, Europe, United States of America

    This yearbook chapter discusses the link between international investment law and commercial pressures on the world’s natural resources. It argues that changes in legal frameworks are redefining control over natural resources, and facilitating transitions toward more commercialised land relations. As pressures on resources increase, many national laws undermine the rights of people impacted by investments. If not properly thought through, international treaties to protect foreign investment could compound shortcomings of local and national governance.

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    Reports & Research
    July, 2016
    Brazil, Costa Rica

    Apresentação de Evaniza Rodrigues, Brasil, para a Reunião de Especialistas sobre Governança do Solo e Segurança de Posse na América Latina e Caribe, realizada em San José, Costa Rica, em Julho 2016. Função social da propriedade urbana: a cidade não é um negócio, a cidade é de todos nós.

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    Reports & Research
    February, 2016

    The new National Land Use Policy is a positive step, but its principles need to be enshrined in law to protect the vulnerable from land grabs and forced evictions...

    Disputes over land ownership and use are a major source of social and economic tension in Myanmar as it grapples with political transition and economic development.

    Irresponsible investment against the interests and wishes of communities which results in the widespread violation of land-related human rights has been allowed for too long.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2016

    Representando uma nova ordem jurídico-urbanística, a lei federal no 10.257, de 10 de julho de 2001, completa 15 anos de existência no mesmo ano em que se realiza a conferência.

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    November, 2016

    The purpose of this Act is to maintain a healthy, productive and resilient environment for the greatest well-being of the community, now and into the future, consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development (described in section 6 (2) of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991), and in particular: a) to conserve biodiversity at bioregional and State scales; b) to maintain the diversity and quality of ecosystems and enhance their capacity to adapt to change and provide for the needs of future generations; c) to improve, share and use knowledge, includi

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    Reports & Research
    September, 2016

    In the last decade it has become widely accepted that insecurity of land tenure has a unique impact on women, particularly in the global South where, more often than not, women are the primary caregivers in a household. In Cambodia, where land conflict continues to be one of the most prevalent human rights issues in the country, this assertion deserves particular consideration.

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    January, 2016

    Recognizing the critical environmental and economic challenge of climate change that is facing the global community, the purpose of this Act is to create a regulatory scheme, a) to reduce greenhouse gas in order to respond to climate change, to protect the environment and to assist Ontarians to transition to a low-carbon economy; and b) to enable Ontario to collaborate and coordinate its actions with similar actions in other jurisdictions in order to ensure the efficacy of its regulatory scheme in the context of a broader international effort to respond to climate change.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2016

    The « Environment and Natural Resources Code of Cambodia » (Sixth Draft – – 20 November 2016) is a very extensive proposed law (535 pages !) which will have, if adopted, major impacts on many aspects of Cambodian development (Mines, Energy, Urban planning, etc..) but is particularly important for the management of Protected Areas and of Forests and Fisheries. The code has been elaborated by a panel of experts and several working groups led by Vishnu Law Group. A public national consultation has been organized by MOE in Dec 2016.

  9. Library Resource
    August, 2016

    This Act makes provision for the recognition, protection and registration of community land rights and also provides for conversion of community land, special rights and entitlements with respect to community land, environment and natural resources management of community land and settlement of disputes relating to community land.

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