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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The purposes of the present Act are to make public bodies more accountable to the public and to protect personal privacy by: a) giving the public a right of access to records; b) giving individuals a right of access to, and a right to request correction of, personal information about themselves. In particular, the Act applies also to land claims settlement of first nations.

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    Bermuda, Americas, Northern America

    These Rules provide for matters relative to proceedings of arbitration and appeal to the Supreme Court as provided for in the Acquisition of Land Act 1970. Matters regulated include such the place of arbitration, hearings, notice of filing of appeal and procedures of hearing at the Court. The Rules also set out principles applicable to determination of value of land.

    Implements: Acquisition of Land Act. (2011)

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    January, 1981
    United Kingdom

    This Act provides generally with respect to compulsory purchase procedure in the United Kingdom. In particular the Act deals with the rights of appeal, and the consequent procedures. The Act applies in all compulsory purchase cases.

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    Bermuda, Americas, Northern America

    This Act provides for acquisition of lands by the Government for public purposes. No land shall be acquired by the Government: (a) unless the acquisition of the land or the purpose for which it is to be acquired has been expressly authorized by the Legislature (except for construction of roads). The acquisition of land by the Government shall be by means of purchase by agreement or by means of compulsory purchase as provided for in this Act. Part II concerns purchase by agreement between the Minister and the owner of the land.

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    Wet houdende regelen inzake bescherming van de bodem (Wet bodembescherming).

    Netherlands, Europe, Western Europe

    This Act makes provision for measures concerning protection of the soil. Some provisions concern infiltration of water and the protection of groundwater. Chapter I contains definitions. Under Chapter II a Technical Commission for Soil Protection is established. The Commission consists of soil protection specialists and shall advise the Minister on soil protection issues. Chapter III contains general regulations for the protection of the soil. The regulation of various matters is delegated to the Minister of Environment Protection.

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    Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe

    This Act concerns Agrarian Reform. It consists of 51 articles laying down general principles in order to manage this sector: land expropriation requirements, agricultural land use, land rights, land concession, lease, etc.

    Implemented by: Decree-Law No. 12/91 regulating the right of use of expropriated lands. (1991-01-09)
    Amended by: Act No. 46/90 amending Act No. 109/88 on Agrarian Reform. (1990-08-22)

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    Markanvändnings- och bygglag.

    Finland, Europe, Northern Europe

    The objective of this Act is to ensure that the use of land and water areas and building activities on them create preconditions for a favourable living environment and promote ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable development. The Act also aims to ensure that everyone has the right to participate in the preparation process, and that planning is high quality and interactive, that expertise is comprehensive and that there is open provision of information on matters being processed. Objectives in land use planning are set out in section 5.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    Despite its title, this landmark statute provides the mechanisms for the implementation of a policy of integrated management of land and allied water resources, primarily in a non-urban context, and the institutional arrangements needed to administer and operate such mechanisms (sect. 1). It was enacted largely in response to the state of divided and compartmentalized responsibilities of the central, regional, and local governments in the management of the above-mentioned natural resources.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Act lays down provisions relating to agrarian contracts, giving particular regard to lease and sharecropping. The Act is divided into three different Titles. Title I regulates lease of agricultural lands and sets out detailed rules in matter of duration (the minimum duration is up to fifteen years), tacit renewal, withdrawal and annulment. Article 8 lays down rules for determining the fair rent. Title II of the Act deals with the conversion of lease into other contracts, such as sharecropping. Article 49 (Title III) provides for the transmission of rights on lands to heirs.

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