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    January, 2012

    This Regulation of the Council of the Amhara Regional Government establishes the Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service as a Regional government office. The Office shall be involved in the procurement of goods for public bodies and the disposal of goods of public bodies, and shall assist public developmental enterprises with regard to the procurement of goods and services as well as the disposal of property. The Office shall have a board of management and work under the supervision of the Amhara National Regional State Finance and Economic Development Bureau.

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    June, 2012

    The author applies a systems-oriented "holistic" approach to China's radical economic reforms during the past quarter of a century. He characterizes China's economic reforms in terms of a multidimensional classification of economic systems. When looking at the economic consequences of China's change of economic system, he deals with both the impressive growth performance and its economic costs.

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    A Case Study of Kajiado County

    Reports & Research
    May, 2012

    Fiscal instruments are tools that governments use to manage revenue and expenditure and therefore influence the growth (or stability) of the various sectors of the economy. Government revenue is derived primarily through taxation. In Kenya, land taxation has contributed less than 1% of government revenue for the past three years. The Sessional Paper No.

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    March, 2012

    This paper examines product market
    policies in Croatia by benchmarking them to OECD countries
    and highlighting how policies that are more conducive to
    competition would stimulate a more efficient allocation of
    resources and, in consequence, facilitate convergence to
    higher income levels. OECD indicators of overall regulation
    in product markets indicate that Croatias policies in 2007
    were generally more restrictive of competition than were the

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    February, 2012

    This Decree-Law, consisting of 27 articles divided into six Chapters, creates the Integrated District Development Plan (PDID), which defines and regulates the applicable rules regarding powers, planning, implementation and financing for the implementation of State projects at District and Sub-District level. It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of local governmental entities entitled to implement the above mentioned PDID. In addition, it establishes the process by which the District Investment Plan (PID) shall be drawn up.

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    September, 2012

    Le présent décret fixe l’organisation du Ministère des Domaines, du Cadastre et des Affaires Foncières. Le Ministre des Domaines, du Cadastre et des Affaires Foncières est responsable de l’élaboration et de la mise en œuvre de la politique du Gouvernement en matière domaniale, cadastrale et foncière.

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    June, 2012

    Le présent décret, pris en application des dispositions la loi n° 14/63 du 8 mai 1963 fixant la composition du domaine de l’Etat et les règles qui en déterminent les modes de gestion et d’aliénation, détermine les règles applicables aux cessions et locations des terres domaniales, c'est-à-dire les terres faisant partie du domaine privé de l'Etat et qui ne sont pas affectées à un service public ou une personne privée investie d'une mission de service public.

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    Institutional & promotional materials
    December, 2012

    A webpage list showing company name, address, director name and nationality, status of company registration with the Ministry of Commerce, legal papers and investment rights, ELC size and location with coordinates, purpose of investment, contract duration, land utilization plan, profess of implementation after contract signing, and any measures taken by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAFF).

  9. Library Resource
    June, 2012

    To implement the vision of fostering
    economic development, social equity, and a transparent and
    effective government, the Government of Liberia has outlined
    key transitions that need to be accomplished. These include
    the development of infrastructure (roads, electricity),
    schools, job creation and transition from war, civil
    conflict and social polarization to a well functioning
    society in which economic opportunities are fostered and

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    Reports & Research
    June, 2012

    The purpose of this report is to review
    and assess Afghanistan's legal framework regulating
    social safeguards (national and local laws, regulations,
    procedures and policies) with special reference to the law
    and practice of compulsory land acquisition, or
    expropriation. The overall objective of the report is to
    consider how Afghanistan's legal framework would
    address social safeguard issues in upcoming World Bank

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