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    Reports & Research
    October, 1969

    Research in the various agricultural experiment stations in Ethiopia has convincingly shown that the wheat variety is in many respects inferior to imported varieties (lower yield, weaker stems, more susceptible to rust, short stalks, small heads etc.) and required to be replaced for upgraded.

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    Reports & Research
    October, 2007

    The objective of this review is to assess the achievements, identify the constraints, and make recommendations for further actions needed to address land issues in Africa. The report deals with the review of efforts being made by African countries to ensure that policies and policy instruments support the best possible land use and sustainable management of land resources.

  3. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    July, 1962

    This paper was submitted in response to a note by the Executive Secretary inviting participating governments to contribute papers on the topics included in the provisional agenda. In Niger stabilization measures are applied to two agricultural commodities, cotton and groundnuts.

  4. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    November, 1969

    Agricultural Research Co-operation through Agricultural Research Programmes on Ecological Bases - Basic Principles and General Measures for Strengthening Co-operation. The development and the improvement of co-operation and co-ordination of technical and financial aid in the field of agricultural research, are problems of primary importance for agricultural development in Africa, Agricultural progress achieved in the more advanced countries has been obtained by continuing efforts in research and its application.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 1984

    It soon became apparent that soil degradation in the Ethiopian Highlands may be posing a threat not only in terms of the physical loss of soils, but also in terms of deteriorating, soil chemical fertility. This study has therefore emphasized both the physical and chemical deterioration of soils due to degradation.

  6. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    January, 1996

    This paper presents the An assessment of urban environmental problems and policies in selected ECA member states, of the Ninth Session of the Conference of African Planners, Statisticians, Population and Information Specialists held at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  7. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    November, 1991

    Women's access to and control of land is an important, even crucial issue because of its relation to and implications for food production and food security in the region. Women in rural Africa often do not own the land they are working. The land generally is registered as belonging to their husbands, who then pass it on to their sons, at least to those who remain in the rural area of origin.

  8. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2015

    This document focuses on the Side event COP21: Climate Research for Development in Africa (CR4D). CR4D is an African-led initiative supported by partnership and leadership of African Climate Policy Center (ACPC) of UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET), World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and Global Frame-work for Climate Services (GFCS). ACPC hosts CR4D Secretariat

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