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    July, 2013

    Unequal land distribution and the
    negative social and economic implications resulting from
    such polarization in Colombia have long been of concern to
    policymakers. A 1950 World Bank mission identified unequal
    land distribution as a key impediment to economic and social
    development in the country. Since then, a wide range of
    policies has been adopted to deal with this issue and its
    consequences. Numerous studies show that the success of

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    September, 2013

    Based on a large survey to compare the
    effectiveness of land markets and land reform in Colombia,
    the authors find that rental and sales markets were more
    effective in transferring land to poor but productive
    producers than was administrative land reform. The fact that
    land transactions were all of a short-term nature and that
    little land was transferred from very large to small land
    owners or the landless suggests that there may be scope for

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    February, 2013

    The objective of this analysis is to
    assess the state of progress of risk management in Colombia
    and propose recommendations to help the Government set
    public policy in the short-and long-term. For this reason,
    the study sought to: (i) establish the risk and impact of
    disasters in recent decades, (ii) identify legal,
    institutional and conceptual themes in the country, (iii)
    review the state and evolution of investment in risk

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    March, 2013

    This concept note presents the strategic
    engagement of the World Bank in the areas of public sector
    management and governance in Colombia. It describes the
    short and medium term approach through which the Bank will
    provide support to the country on those areas of reform, as
    well as their links and synergies with other sectors
    activities. It also provides a summary of the Bank's
    public sector management and governance recent activities

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    September, 2013

    The purpose of this study is to assess
    agriculture's competitiveness in Colombia. During the
    past 12 years, Colombia's agricultural sector has
    performed poorly, resulting in the continuation of extensive
    rural poverty. Improving the sector's competitiveness
    is the only sure and lasting way to improve its growth
    performance and reduce poverty. Thus, the main objectives of
    this study are to assess: (a) the sector's current and

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