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    Reports & Research
    July, 2014

    The land challenge is central to the broader youth dynamics of migration, employment, livelihoods and belonging. The more than 1.8 billion youth living worldwide represent not only a land challenge, but an untapped potential in moving the tenure security agenda forward.

    Youth-led Action Research on Land builds on previous youth and land engagement and consultations that have identified critical needs and knowledge gapsin the space of youth and land.

  2. Library Resource
    March, 2014

    In 2006-07, the Water and Sanitation
    Program (WSP) initiated research to identify barriers to
    service delivery for the urban poor. The findings of the
    research have been presented in the Guidance Notes on
    Improving Water Supply and Sanitation Services to the Urban
    Poor in India. The Urban Global Practice Team of WSP decided
    to expand the ambit of this research to a global context as
    the learnings were relevant to experiences across Africa,

  3. Library Resource
    August, 2014

    The objective of this paper is to
    present a succinct and up-to-date review of the urban sector
    in Egypt, with a focus on issues for which there is new
    insight or emerging government interest. The two main themes
    of the report are the challenges facing the urban sector and
    the policy implications at various levels of government.
    Some of the reports mains findings are: urbanization in
    Egypt takes on forms and processes which are not well

  4. Library Resource
    March, 2014

    The aim of the scoping study was to gain
    an understanding of the productive activities slum dwellers
    engage in that rely on energy services and the potentials
    and challenges of slums in Ghana regarding access to modern
    energy services and income generation from productive
    activities. The objective of the ESMED-EAfUP (Energy Sector
    Management Assistance Program - ESMAP/SME Development -
    Energy Access for the Urban Poor) programme is 'to

  5. Library Resource
    December, 2014
    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Delivering on results is a key to
    achieving our Latin America and Caribbean strategy. This
    publication presents some of the recent results achieved by
    the World Bank Group, our clients, and our partners in the
    Latin America and Caribbean Region. The stories reflect our
    effort to help clients solve their development challenges
    quickly and effectively by providing a suite of financing,
    advisory and convening services. This is a way to

  6. Library Resource
    August, 2014

    In 2000, the Government of India
    launched the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (hereinafter
    PMGSY) with the primary objective of providing all-weather
    road connectivity (with necessary culverts and
    cross-drainage structures operable throughout the year), to
    eligible unconnected habitations in rural areas. Currently,
    about 60 percent of the 170,000 eligible habitations have a
    road. By the end of 2010, expenditures for the program had

  7. Library Resource
    October, 2014
    Guinea, Papua New Guinea

    In 2012 Papua New Guinea undertook a
    national Service Delivery Assessment of rural water, rural
    sanitation, urban water and urban sanitation services to
    identify coverage and targets, how well services are being
    delivered and the financing shortfalls in these subsectors.
    Immediately following this assessment, stakeholders, through
    a national policy task force, have developed a draft of the
    country s first National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  8. Library Resource
    August, 2014
    South Africa

    Countries everywhere are divided into
    two distinct spatial realms: one urban, one rural. Classic
    models of development predict faster growth in the urban
    sector, causing rapid migration from rural areas to cities,
    lifting average incomes in both places. The process
    continues until the marginal productivity of labor is
    equalized across the two realms. The pattern of rising
    urbanization accompanying economic growth has become one of

  9. Library Resource
    Training Resources & Tools
    January, 2015

    This publication is a practical guide to the Youth and Land Responsiveness Criteria, which is a tool that can be used to increase the incorporation of youth perspectives into land matters at both institutional and programme levels, through a participatory process.

  10. Library Resource
    Urban open spaces for adolescent girls: An assessment for Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan cover image
    Reports & Research
    January, 2015

    Urban open spaces are valued for their health, social, economic, and environmental benefits. Outdoor physical activity is important for the wellbeing of youth, while playfulness is crucial for creativity and innovation. It is observed that in Pakistan the access of adolescent girls to public open spaces and school playgrounds is restricted, but there has been no prior scientific study. This research has studied the impediments in four planned and un-planned localities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The restrictions on girls are pervasive and become more severe upon their attaining puberty.

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