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    Reports & Research
    April, 2017

    The Land Corruption Risk Mapping Instrument is designed to raise awareness and understand how to detect corruption in land governance issues. The instrument is developed in a way that it can be applied in any Sub-Saharan African country. It is published as a handbook that gives explanations, guidance and examples.

  2. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    May, 2017
    Eastern Africa

    Land degradation is a serious impediment to improving rural livelihoods in Eastern Africa. This paper identifies major land degradation patterns and causes, and analyzes the determinants of sustainable land management (SLM) in three countries (Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania). The results show that land degradation hotspots cover about 51%, 41%, 23% and 23% of the terrestrial areas in Tanzania, Malawi and Ethiopia respectively.

  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    April, 2017
    Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, Sub-Saharan Africa

    Large scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) impact women: loss of rights and access to land, water resources, fuel wood, adequate shelter, compensation and livelihood. The study looks at three sub-Saharan African countries (Cameroon, Ghana and Uganda) each having different land tenure regimes. Since land is vital for the survival of rural dwellers especially women, the study recommends that laws and policies governing the process of LSLA stress a mandatory participatory approach that includes women. There is urgent need to revalorize national laws to mainstream women’s land rights.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    April, 2017

    In Ghana, farmer-herder conflicts have become widespread and increasingly assume a violent dimension. Competition over access to and use of land and water resources is at the center of the conflicts. However, competition does not automatically result in conflicts. The conflicts are driven by triggering activities of both farmers and herders. This study identifies triggers of farmer-herder conflicts in the Upper West Region of Ghana and tests the level of agreement among key stakeholder groups on the triggers of these conflicts.

  5. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    May, 2017
    Sierra Leone

    Since the onset of the phenomenon of large scale land acquisition for agri-business in Sierra Leone, after the first whistle was blown by Green Scenery, many studies have been conducted by various researchers, some to meet requirements for degree thesis, others for policy and development purposes. There is the fear in a school of thought opposed to large scale land acquisition that there is danger in corporate entities ascribing huge portions of land to themselves in the guise of investment and annihilating the actual land owners.

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