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  1. Library Resource
    Woman in the farm
    Reports & Research
    May, 2022

    This report presents the results of a mixed-methods study on the role of customary land documentation in strengthening Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE). The overarching purpose was to help fill critical knowledge gaps on if and how strengthening women’s land rights via formalized customary land documentation affects their empowerment and economic growth, with a specific focus on women’s access to credit and other financial services, land investments and income opportunities.

  2. Library Resource
    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2023
    Africa, Madagascar

    En Afrique subsaharienne, en 2020, 98 millions de jeunes âgés de 15 à 24 ans n’étaient pas scolarisés et le taux d’achèvement du premier cycle des études secondaires n’était que de 46 % en 2022 (Unesco).

  3. Library Resource
    May, 2023
    Ethiopia, Uganda, Laos

    A large share of the world's rural population depends on using land to feed themselves. Commercial agriculture and forestry investments are placing growing pressure on land as a resource. Especially when state capacities to steer and monitor land-based investments are low, this can lead to increasing pressure on natural resources, land-use conflicts and in the worst cases to forced expropriation and displacement. These factors can have a negative impact on livelihood and food security in rural areas, particularly when land rights are insecure.

  4. Library Resource

    An Open Data Assessment

    Reports & Research
    March, 2023
    Africa, Malawi

    This State of Land Information (SOLI) report is an analysis of the current state of land data in Malawi, assessing the availability of land information and the compliance of this information with open data standards. 

  5. Library Resource
    Open Edition Journals, Articles 12.1
    Journal Articles & Books
    July, 2020
    Sub-Saharan Africa, Tanzania

    After more than ten years of hectic debates on international ‘land grabs’, academic interest in collapsed land deals or projects with unexpected results is growing. According to the Land Matrix, Tanzania is one of the target countries for such deals, with a number ‘abandoned’ or delayed and projects whose status is unknown. Labelling land deals as ‘failed’ poses conceptual and methodological challenges as long as the criteria for ‘failure’ are undefined.

  6. Library Resource
    African Studies Review journal
    Journal Articles & Books
    September, 2021
    Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Senegal


    This publication serves as an introduction to a collection of articles published in the African Studies Review. It discusses the implications of as well as the question through what actors, processes, and relationships land deals become stalled or partially implemented. The reviewed articles draw on long-term, in-depth ethnographic research of land deals in Senegal, Tanzania, and Zambia. 

  7. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    Reports & Research
    May, 2022
    Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea-Bissau, China, Myanmar, Pakistan

    L’année 2021 marque l’achèvement de la troisième année complète de mise en oeuvre de l’Initiative pour la restauration (TRI). Malgré les difficultés persistantes liées à la pandémie mondiale de covid-19, 2021 a vu des progrès encourageants. Les exigences de travail à domicile et autres restrictions ayant été levées, les participants aux projets ont pu retourner sur le terrain et mettre en oeuvre les analyses, les recommandations relatives aux stratégies et les plans de restauration et de gestion du paysage élaborés en 2020 pour accélérer les actions de restauration. 


  8. Library Resource
    Landesa 2022 Annual Report

    A Collaborative Approach to Change

    Reports & Research
    January, 2023
    Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Colombia, Asia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Global

    Land rights are ascendant across the development sector. Movements addressing women’s empowerment, poverty, social justice, food security and climate change are all increasingly turning to land rights to strengthen their cause. In 2022, renowned philanthropist MacKenzie Scott joined these efforts by making an unprecedented $20 million investment in our work. Ms. Scott’s generous gift represents a profound endorsement of the power of land rights to improve the lives of women, men, and communities around the world.

  9. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    July, 2022
    Africa, Eastern Africa

    La Stratégie de développement du secteur des cultures pour l'Afrique de l'Est 2021-2026 établit une série d'objectifs et d'interventions convenus par les représentants des ministères de l'Agriculture des pays relevant de la juridiction du Bureau sous-régional de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) pour l'Afrique orientale ainsi que des contributions des représentants de la FAO dans les pays membres, du Secrétariat de la Communauté de l'Afrique de l'Est, du Secrétariat de l'Autorité intergouvernementale pour le développement, de l'Organisation de lutte

  10. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    Reports & Research
    November, 2022
    Africa, Madagascar

    À Madagascar, depuis 2005, la réforme foncière reconnaît légalement l’existence d’un régime de propriété privée non titrée (PPNT) aux côtés de la propriété privée titrée. Des guichets fonciers opérant à l’échelle des communes sont habilités à délivrer des certificats fonciers, preuve légale de propriété privée, à la demande du/des propriétaires et à l’issue d’une procédure qui s’assure du consensus social local.

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