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    Manuals & Guidelines
    January, 2020

    La SNE Albanie est appuyée par des OSC, des députés, des établissements universitaires, la Banque mondiale et l’Agence suédoise de coopération internationale pour le développement. Le gouvernement la considère comme un point de référence crédible et digne de confiance, qu’il est possible de consulter sur les questions de gouvernance foncière et forestière. Comment la SNE Albanie y est-elle parvenue ?

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    economic smallholders - FAO

    An analysis based on household data from nine countries

    Reports & Research
    March, 2015
    Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Albania

    About two-thirds of the developing world’s 3 billion rural people live in about 475 million small farm households, working on land plots smaller than 2 hectares. 1 Many are poor and food insecure and have limited access to markets and services. Their choices are constrained, but they farm their land and produce food for a substantial proportion of the world’s population. Besides farming they have multiple economic activities, often in the informal economy, to contribute towards their small incomes.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2015
    Albania, Norway, United States of America, Europe

    This paper describes (1) the processes of privatization of land management in selected transition countries and (2) the post-privatization changes in land administration institutions which are being crafted to establish land markets. It begins with the proposition that there are similar land market institutional problems which most "transition" countries are facing, due largely to common experiences in creating command economies during the past 50-80 years and the almost simultaneous decisions of these countries to move toward market political economies in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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    Reports & Research
    September, 2016
    Albania, Norway

    This paper attempts to evaluate whether Albanian rural social structure has changed to the extent that individual rights and protection of those rights have become important policy questions. If the evaluation suggests that rural Albanians retain the set of family-oriented norms and beliefs that are based primarily on patriarchalism and patrilineal inheritance, we must address the following questions: How appropriate is the mixture of western law that emulates individualistic notions of property rights with the customary family-tenure system of rural Albania?

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    Land Use Policy Volume 76

    Peer-reviewed publication
    July, 2018
    Albania, Norway

    We analyze the impact of land fragmentation on production diversification in rural Albania. Albania represents a particularly interesting case for studying land fragmentation as the fragmentation is a direct outcome of land reforms. The results indicate that land fragmentation is an important driver of production diversification of farm households in Albania. We find that land fragmentation stimulates significantly more diversification for subsistence farm households than for market-oriented households.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2016

    The paper aims to present changes and current dynamics of mountainous pastoral systems in Southern Albania (Korca region) and to identify origin-based quality products as a strategy for sustainable rural development. According to the historical data (available or reconstructed through interviews), rapid and unregulated changes in mountainous productive systems within the post-communism transition threaten local natural resources and cultural landscapes.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Albania, Latvia

    The aim of this paper is to research the process of compulsory acquisition of land and its fixtures in the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline project in Albania from the perspective of the affected persons. The legislation of Albania as well as international principles concerning compulsory acquisition of property was analysed. Examined also was the process of how legal and institutional framework is applied in determining adequate compensation to landowners who are mostly small rural farmers.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2015

    The private property in Albania was reduced for 50 years and became mainly public. The ownership rights were
    insignificant for individuals or private institutions that asked for land and other uses of space. Except excomunist
    states and England where the land belonged to the state (to the Crown in the case of England), the land
    was private since in the middle age, in all other countries. In this context, the ownership right on private
    property was not known in Albania until the 90’. This article aims to provide the legal framework of land use for

  9. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2011

    Livestock is considered as a very important activity in Albania. Its production occupies about 50% of agriculture production structure. At the end of the last century the political system has changed in Albania like in the West Europe. These changes have had a direct reflection on the economy of the country, bringing it to a total transformation. This was an opportunity for the creation and development of new business in agricultural sector. Consequently the state farms were replaced by about 350.000 individual farms. About 290.000 farms are livestock farms.

  10. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2016
    Finland, Vietnam, Albania, United States of America

    The main purposes of this research are to identify and analyse the role of women and men in the forestry sector in Kosovo, and women’s and men’s ownership and use of forests. The report also aims to analyse the gender issues within the institutional policy and legal framework that governs forest management, in order to provide recommendations on how to mainstream gender in forest policies in Kosovo more effectively.

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