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    July, 2016

    This Law provides the general conditions and manner of protection and conservation of nature, which as a group of environmental and natural resources and assets enjoys full protection within the territory of Montenegro.The text of the Law is divided into XVI Chapters as follows: General provisions (I); Subjects of nature protection (II); Nature protection documents (III); Nature protection and preservation (IV); Protected natural resources (V); Management of protected areas and of environment network areas (VI); Speleological, geological and paleontological sites (VII); Protection of wild s

  2. Library Resource
    March, 2007
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Law amends certain provisions stipulated by the Law on expropriation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska 112/2006).Major changes are related to the: (article 3) general purpose and role of the law that now states that the immovability can be expropriated for the purpose of carrying out works or building facilities in the fields of: health, education, social protection, culture, water management, sports, traffic, energy, telecommunication and communal infrastructure, facilities for the needs of state and local self-government bodies, industrial facilities, environmental protecti

  3. Library Resource
    November, 2008
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Law amends some articles part of the rules brought by the Law on expropriation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska 112/2006 and 37/2007).Changes are related to the: (article 33, paragraph 1-7) right to possess the expropriated immovable property upon the date of the final expropriation decision; further decides that the beneficiary of the expropriation (if unit of local self-government), acquires the right to possess an expropriated real estate by the date of validity of the expropriation decision, if until then the previous owner was fully paid (compensation for expropriated i

  4. Library Resource
    June, 2011

    This Law amends various provisions stipulated by the Law on state survey and real estate cadaster (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro 29/2007).Significant changes are related to the general terms, definitions and denominations; annual plan of works (updated provisions introducing some new provisions); specific rules for geodetic organization related matters; certain financial/fiscal costs/fees as regards the cadaster issues; and offences and consequential penalties.

    Amends: Law on state survey and real estate cadaster. (2007-05-15)

  5. Library Resource
    May, 2007

    This Law regulates the issues regarding the state survey, the real estate cadastre and the registration of rights real estate, the cadastre of the water supply pipelines, the basic state map and topographic maps, the boundary of the state border and other specific issues of importance for the state survey and cadaster as official state mapping/survey register.The Law is divided into XIX Chapters and 192 articles, including the offences and related penalties (see Chapter XVIII).

    Amended by: Law amending the Law on state survey and real estate cadaster. (2011-06-22)

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2000

    This Law sets the necessary rules and provisions as regards the expropriation of land (the deprivation or restriction of property rights on immovable/real estate/land parcels and similar when required by the public interest, with a fair compensation).The expropriation procedure and the bodies for its implementation are also defined by this Law.The Law is divided into VI Chapters and 63 articles, including specific compensation issues (see Chapter V).

  7. Library Resource
    June, 2009
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Regulation hereby prescribes the mandatory supervision rules, aimed at the control over the execution of the preparation of forest-economic documents or plans (for private and state owned forests).Forest-economic planning documents are projects assignment for the preparation of the forest-economic basis, including the classification of forests and forest land in ecological-productive terms, with the aim of determining the technical objectives of forest management (such as creation of spatial units, the marking of their boundaries in the field, the recording of boundaries and their mapp

  8. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2004

    The trans-European transport network has different effects at macro-regional, mezzo-regional and micro-regional level, and on urban systems development, and its effectiveness rises at the lower regional levels. Possible approaches to the trans-European transport network impact and effect survey and policy options have been pointed out. The importance of increased accessibility and mobility for regional expansion and for more balanced and polycentric system of city networks has been underlined.

  9. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2002

    As elsewhere in the ex-communist/socialist countries, the former planning system in Yugoslavia has been dismantled as from the beginning of 1990s, and the planning practice has from then onwards been steered by an apart mixture of old habits, few institutional innovations and the social, economic and political turbulence of the transition period.

  10. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2009

    A relatively high degree of conflicts between development and developmental goals is an objective condition that one has to face in planning in large mining basins. Numerous conflicts exist: between wider public larger social interests (land occupation, removal-power production), short-term and long-term goals, specific and general aims, etc.

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