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    Reports & Research
    July, 2017
    Zimbabwe, Africa

    Vital that the new Land Commission looks at the range of land issues in the round. Need comprehensive district by district approach, attuned to local circumstances and flexible. Enormous challenge to recreate a land administration system. Outlines vital elements and how they must work together.

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    A new land records system cover image
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    August, 2017
    South Africa

    It is fairly well understood how an incremental settlement approach to addressing South Africa's housing and settlement needs works, but there is less understanding however for how an incremental settlement approach could work in the context of tenure security.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2017
    South Africa, Kenya

    Recent developments in Environmental Flow (E-flow) frameworks advocate holistic, regional scale, probabilistic E-flow assessments that consider flow and non-flow drivers of change in socio-ecological context as best practice. Regional Scale ecological risk assessments of multiple sources, stressors and diverse ecosystems that address multiple social and ecological endpoints, have been undertaken internationally at different spatial scales using the relative-risk model since the mid 1990's.

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    Access to farmland gets quick and dirty in sub-Saharan Africa cover image
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 2017
    Sub-Saharan Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal

    Who can access and use the land? The answer to this age-old question is changing fast in many parts of rural Africa. Land that used to be allocated within the community by chiefs is now increasingly changing hands in more diverse ways. The wealthy and well-connected within the community or from further afield are frequently able to override local statutory or customary land rights, dispossessing the previous occupants or forcing them to divide their already small plots of land.

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    Reports & Research
    Conference Papers & Reports
    Training Resources & Tools
    January, 2017
    South Africa

    Since its formation, Tshintsha Amkhaya held a number of gatherings, either workshops or indabas with resolute and progressive outcomes - from activities igniting the spirit of activism, a quest to call for accountability and planning of broad actions to be taken by a collective to challenge the status quo. 


    Amongst others, reports of these gatherings can be found by clicking on the following links:  

  6. Library Resource

    Land Use Policy Volume 69

    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2017
    Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Southern Africa

    City planners, urban innovators and researchers are increasingly working on ‘future city’ initiatives to investigate the physical, social and political aspects of harmonized urban living. Despite this, sustainability principles and the importance of urban groundwater are lacking in future city visions. Using London as a case study, the importance of groundwater for cities is highlighted and a range of future city interventions may impact on groundwater are reviewed.

  7. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    March, 2017

    Date: mars 2017

    Source: Foncier & Développement

    Malgré une littérature abondante, les acquisitions foncières à grande échelle sont généralement  considérées comme des éléments exogènes aux territoires dans lesquelles elles sont réalisées.
    La plupart des analyses ne s’intéresse, en effet, qu’aux processus de consultation et à la reconnaissance légale des droits fonciers des populations locales.

  8. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2017

    This study investigates how the Farmer-to-Farmer-Extension (F2FE) system with lead farmers and follower farmers influences adoption of Conservation Agriculture (CA) technologies in Malawi. Using data from 180 lead farmers and their 455 followers in central and southern Malawi, we assess the level of influence lead farmers have on their followers’ familiarity with and adoption of CA.

  9. Library Resource
    AFRA uLwazi Edition 1

    Edition 1. Feb 2016

    Institutional & promotional materials
    February, 2017
    South Africa

    AFRA Newsletter 

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