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    January, 2014

    This report aims at providing
    stakeholders with a good analysis of the potential impacts
    of mining development on the Congo Basin forests. It is one
    of a series of outputs prepared during a two-year exercise
    to analyze and better understand the deforestation dynamics
    in the Basin. It presents the main findings of an analysis
    of the mining potential in the Congo Basin as well as the
    global trends in demand of minerals tries to identify ways

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    January, 2016

    Congo Basin countries rely more on
    wood-based biomass to meet their energy needs than most
    other countries in the world. Wood fuel production is
    increasing in Congo Basin countries. Urbanization often
    produces a shift from fuel wood to charcoal consumption,
    because charcoal is cheaper and easier to transport and
    store. Charcoal is produced mostly using traditional
    techniques, with low transformation efficiencies. Under a

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    January, 2014

    The Congo Basin represents 70 percent of
    the African continent's forest cover and constitutes a
    large portion of Africa's biodiversity. Agricultural
    development is a central lever to help people out of
    poverty, as well as a key driver of deforestation.
    Forest-friendly agricultural development is a challenge for
    the region. This report describes some ways forest-friendly
    agricultural development can materialize in the Congo Basin.

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    Road Improvement and Deforestation in the Congo Basin Countries cover image
    Reports & Research
    June, 2015
    Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon

    Road construction has often been viewed
    as the precursor to deforestation, especially in tropical
    forests. Traditional responses to such threats have been
    reactive, with attempts to mitigate impacts through physical
    measures, or the establishment of protected areas. These
    approaches often have not been entirely successful,
    especially in areas where economic potential is significant.
    This paper seeks to mitigate such conflicts by proposing a

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    Congo, Africa, Middle Africa

    La présente loi comprend 120 articles repartis en 6 titres, notamment les dispositions générales (Titre I); les principes et axes fondamentaux de la politique d’aménagement et de développement du territoire (Titre II); les orientations spécifiques d’aménagement et de développement du territoire (Titre III); les documents de la politique d’aménagement du territoire (Titre IV); les outils financiers, institutionnels et juridiques de la politique d’aménagement du territoire (Titre V); et les disposition finales (Titre VI).Ce texte fixe le cadre légal de la politique d’aménagement du territoire

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