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    December, 2016

    Article 6.2 shall be amended to add the following wording: "Agricultural land plots pertaining to the regional or municipal public ownership shall be allottedon lease for the period of five years to smallholders (peasant farms) participating in state programs for support of agriculture for agricultural production purposes without tenders or auction sale".

    Amends: Regional Law No. 11 "On turnover of agricultural land". (2009-03-31)

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    December, 2016

    Article 3 shall be amended to add the folowing wording: "Regional state authorized executive body shall be responsible for conclusion of lease contracts, purchase and sale contracts and free land tenancy related to land plots pertaining to the ownership of the Regional Government".

    Amends: Regional Law No. 23-Z “On regulation of land relations”. (2009-03-12)

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    November, 2017

    This Regulation sets the correct manner and necessary conditions (also financial issues, compensation and related fees) aimed at establishing and defining the right (legal and private entities) to build and to use the agricultural land, if owned by the Republic of Croatia (for the purpose of construction of agricultural buildings and establishing the easement of service agricultural on such agricultural land).This text further determines the role and related duties of the Croatian Agency for agricultural land.

    Implements: Law on Agricultural Land. (2013-03-22)

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    August, 2017

    This Law, consisting of 58 articles divided into four Chapters, provides for the regime of use of uncultivated lands and other community productive lands owned and managed by local communities integrated in the cooperative and social sector as means of production. It specifies the requirements to be satisfied for exploiting these lands, and establishes the conditions for land expropriation, use, etc. It lays down duties, competencies and composition of national administration responsible for the management of the above mentioned lands.

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    September, 2016

    Land Code (No. 2768-III of 2001) shall be amended to add the following wording: “Period of lease of agricultural land plots of drained land or with drainage and land reclamation works in course, destined for agricultural production, and smallholding, shall not be less than 10 years”.

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    March, 2016
    United Kingdom

    These Regulations amend the Assured Tenancies and Agricultural Occupancies (Forms) (England) Regulations 2015 by substituting new Forms 3, 4 and 5 for the equivalent forms prescribed in the principal Regulations. Amendments have also been made to regulation 3A (Review) of the principal Regulations which require the Secretary of State to review the operation and effect of the requirement to use the prescribed forms inserted by these Regulations (Forms Nos 3, 4 and 5) and publish a report.

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    August, 2016
    Ivory Coast

    Le présent décret crée l’Agence foncière rurale (AFOR) et définit les attributions, l’organisation et fonctionnement de l’agence foncière rurale (AFOR). L'AFOR a pour mission de mettre en œuvre la loi n°98-750 du 23 décembre 1998 relative au domaine foncier rural, telle que modifiée par les lois n°2004-412 du 14 août 2004 et n°2013-655 du 13 septembre 2013, et taus les textes corrélés.

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    December, 2016
    Papua New Guinea

    This Act amends the Land Act in section 70 by deleting the word "prescribed". Section 70 deals with how an application for a state lease shall be made. It now reads: "An application for a State lease shall - (a) be made in the approved form, and (b) be accompanied by the fee for the registration of the application.

  9. Library Resource
    December, 1994
    Republic of Korea

    The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the strengthening of the agricultural competitiveness, the balanced development of the national economy, and the preservation of the environment of national land through the stabilization of farmers' management and the improvement of productivity, by stipulating necessary matters for the ownership, utilization, preservation, etc. of farmland in order to utilize and manage farmland efficiently.

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    October, 2014
    Sri Lanka

    The Act, consisting of 25 sections, makes provisions to stipulate restrictions on the alienation of lands in Sri Lanka to foreigners, foreign companies and certain institutions with foreign shareholding; to specify the circumstances where the exemptions are granted; to impose a Land Lease Tax for leasing lands to foreigners, foreign companies and certain institutions with foreign shareholding; for the granting of concessions to certain Development Projects.

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