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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Monaco, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Western Europe, Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe

    The Convention shall cover the Alpine region, as described in the Annex. The Contracting Parties shall take appropriate measures among others on population and culture, regional planning, prevention of air pollution, soil conservation and water management. The Contracting Parties shall pursue a comprehensive policy for the preservation and protection of the Alps by applying the principles of prevention, and cooperation, through the prudent and sustained use of resources.

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    An Act to provide for the sustainable harvesting and management of the forest resources of the Solomon Islands and to repeal the Forest Resources and Timber Utilisation Act and for other matters that are incidental and consequential.

    Solomon Islands, Oceania

    The declared (sect. 3) objects of the Act are: ensuring effective and ecologically sustainable management of forest resources; promotion of a sustainable commercial timber industry, and; protection and conservation of forest resources, habitats and ecosystems including the maintenance of ecological processes and genetic diversity. The administration of matters affecting forests is entrusted to Commissioner of Forests appointed under section 6 and the Minister who shall be advised by the Solomon Forestry Board established under section 5.

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    An Act to consolidate the Forestry Act 1919 to 1963 with corrections and improvements made under the Consolidation of Enactments (Procedure) Act 1949.

    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act, governing forestry contains, after amendments made to it, virtually all statute law relating to forestry in the Great Britain. The provisions of the Act concentrate almost exclusively on forestry administration and related matters and the powers of an authority here continued, the Forestry Commissioners, to control felling. The Commissioners, established by the 1919 Forestry Act, are charged with the general duty of promoting the interests of Forestry, with the development of afforestation and the production and supply of timber and other forest products in Great Britain (sect.

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    Eastern Europe, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Directive aims to reduce water pollution from nitrates used for agricultural purposes and to prevent any further pollution. It is closely linked to other EU policies which address air and water quality, climate change and agriculture.

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    Philippines, South-Eastern Asia, Asia

    This Act makes provision for the protection of the environment of a broad sense. Its provisions are divided into Titles, the major part of them dealing with specific aspects of environment protection.Title I makes provision with respect to air and noise pollution.Purpose Title II to prescribe management guidelines aimed to protect and improve the quality of Philippine water resources.

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    Philippines, South-Eastern Asia, Asia

    This Act lays down the basic principles of forest management and conservation, makes provision for the administration of forestry (Chap. I), the survey and classification of lands for purposes of forestry (Chap. II), and the use of forest resources (Chap. III).Basic policy principles are outlined in section 2. Section 3 contains definitions.

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    An Act to preserve and protect places, areas and objects of particular significance to aboriginals, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceania

    The purposes of this Act are the preservation and protection from injury or desecration of areas and objects in Australia and in Australian waters, being areas and objects that are of particular significance to Aboriginals in accordance with Aboriginal tradition.The Minister may, upon application made orally or in writing by or on behalf of an Aboriginal or a group of Aboriginals seeking the preservation or protection of a specified area from injury or desecration, make a declaration in relation to the area.

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    Argentina, Americas, South America

    La presente Ley, conforme al artículo 28 de la Constitución de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, tiene por objeto la protección, conservación, mejoramiento y restauración de los recursos naturales y del ambiente en general en el ámbito de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, a fin de preservar la vida en su sentido más amplio; asegurando a las generaciones presentes y futuras la conservación de la calidad ambiental y la diversidad biológica.

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    United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Regulations amend the Tir Gofal Regulations to: a) permit a Tir Gofal agreement to include any provision that may be agreed between the Countryside Council for Wales and a Tir Gofal applicant (reg. 2(2)); b) impose an obligation on a Tir Gofal agreement holder to maintain records (reg. 2(4)); and c) make compliance with the record keeping requirement (reg. 9A of the Tir Gofal Regulations inserted by these Regulations) and the obligation to permit entry and inspection (reg. 10 of the Tir Gofal Regulations) conditions for the payment of aid (reg.

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    Lithuania, Europe, Northern Europe

    Territorial planning is described as a process and procedure of land use planning in article 2. The objectives of territorial planning are outlined in article 3. Articles 4 to 20 concern territorial planning at national, county, and municipal level. Planning shall be: general or "master" (arts. 5-10); special (arts. 1-14), or; detailed (arts. 15-20). There shall be master plans for each of the specified territorial subdivisions. Master planning shall establish priorities, objectives and strategies for the territory in question.

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