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    January, 2021

    Compulsory land acquisition is inevitable for developing countries so that they can implement projects in urban areas for the quest of sustainable urban development. However, the decisions on land acquisition have to be contextualised so that the PAPs should be protected from disruptions and loss of livelihoods that may lead to uncertain sustainable urban development. This paper examines two projects implemented in Bujumbura City through compulsory land acquisition. A desk review and checklist question have been mobilised to collect data that are source of information presented herein.

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    January, 2021

    The Twenty-first century has witnessed change in the nature, dimension and dynamics of gender role and relationship. An important area of the change is in women rising engagement in agricultural production Sub-Saharan Africa. While women profile in agribusiness has risen, there remains impediments. One of these is the denial of women the right to land ownership through inheritance. This denial continued to be sanctioned through reference to cultural practices that limit women rights to inheritance.

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    January, 2023

    Context and backgroundIn response to national development challenges, the Government of Kenya has disseminated its development agenda through the ‘Kenya Vision 2030, which aims at creating “a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life by 2030”. Infrastructure projects are key enablers in spurring the socioeconomic development.

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    January, 2021
    Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Hungary

    Level Of Use Of Gis For Land Registration, Lagos State, Nigeria

  5. Library Resource
    January, 2024
    Zambia, Russia

    Context and Background:
    The specialised land court in Zambia is known as the Lands Tribunal, and it was created in 1996 through the 1995 Lands Act. The Tribunal was established with the objective of achieving speedy, low cost, flexible and efficient means of settling conflicts over land. Inspite of being existence for 27 years, little has been done on the progress and challenges of the Lands Tribunal in resolving conflicts over land in the country.
    Goal and Objectives:

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2021
    Mozambique, Palestine, United States of America, Norway

    Land Grabbing Or Rice Sector Development Opportunity?

  7. Library Resource
    January, 2022
    Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar

    Large-Scale Agricultural Investments And Household Vulnerability To Food Insecurity: Evidence From Kenya, Madagascar And Mozambique

  8. Library Resource
    January, 2023
    Tanzania, United States of America, Norway, Canada

    AbstractContext and background:The Sagara hills provide key ecosystem services to the communities in Kongwa and Mpwapwa districts in Dodoma region. In particular, the hills provide watershed services which is vital in a challenging semi-arid condition.

  9. Library Resource
    January, 2023
    Ghana, Austria

    Mining And Its Implications On Food Security In Amansie West And South Districts, Ghana.

  10. Library Resource
    January, 2022

    In many African societies, there are various forms and levels of cultural gender infringement of human rights and property denials. Over the years, these violations become well-established through cultural gender conjectures.  Perhaps, nowhere in Nigeria is this property rights violation more pronounced and evident than in the Igboland, the south-eastern part of the country. Conjectures such as women do not own land (nwanyi adighi enwe ala), another man’s compound (ama onye ozo) amongst others depict the social classification of women in southeastern communities.

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