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    An Act adopting the new National Forestry Law.

    Liberia, Africa, Western Africa

    This Act makes provision, in 22 Chapters, for the management and conservation of forest resources of Liberia, defines ownership rights and other rights in forests, provides for the protection of the environment and wildlife in forests, regulates the trade in forest products and provides for various other matters relative to forestry and wildlife.Chapter 2 defines rights in forest resources in Liberia and grants the right to the Forestry Development Authority to lease out forestry land.

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    Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa, Middle Africa

    Le présent arrêté réglemente la délivrance de l’autorisation de bâtir. Il comprend 32 articles répartis en 11 titres, à savoir: Règles générales (I); Autorités habilitées a délivrer l’autorisation de bâtir (II); Elaboration des projets de constructions (III); Dépôt et constitution du dossier (IV); Instruction du dossier (V); Délai d’instruction et recours (VI); Validité de l’autorisation de bâtir (VII); Taxe de bâtisse (VIII); Publicité (IX); Contrôle et sanctions (X) et Dispositions finales (XI).

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    Zimbabwe, Africa, Eastern Africa

    These Regulations specify conditions and procedures for the sale of rural land by an owner of any such land, other than the State, a local authority or a statutory body. An owner shall not sell the land unless he or she has offered to sell it to the Minister and the Minister has issued the owner with a certificate of no interest or hasn’t responded within a given period of time to the offer. The same rules apply to shares of a company owning rural land. Any transfer of land or shares effected in contravention of these Regulations shall be void.

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    Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa

    In a single article, these Regulations provide that no Land Control Board shall consent to divisions and subdivisions of any agricultural land into two or more parcels to be held under separate titles if the size of any of the parcels after divisions or subdivision will be less than one hectare.

    Implements: Land Control Act (Cap. 302). (2008)

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    Being an Act to provide for the terms and conditions of petroleum exploration and production agreements and for other related matters.

    Sierra Leone, Western Africa, Africa

    The Act consists of 66 sections divided into 8 Parts: Preliminary (I); Establishment of Petroleum Resources Unit (II); Petroleum rights (III); Reports on exploration and discovery of petroleum (IV); Petroleum agreements (V); Rights and obligations of contractors and sub-contractors (VI); Miscellaneous (VII); Regulations (VIII).The Petroleum Resources Unit is established under section 3. It shall operate under the authority of the President and shall be headed by a Director-General.

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    Burkina Faso, Africa, Western Africa

    Le présent décret porte création, attributions, composition,et fonctionnement du Comité de contrôle des opérations d’aménagement (CCOA.), cadre de concertation interministériel ayant pour mission de faire des propositions au gouvernement pour résoudre les problèmes d’aménagement foncier.

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    An Act to confirm and give effect to an agreement between the Government and Hippo Valley Estates Limited; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

    Zimbabwe, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act is repealed by Section 8 of the Land Acquisition Amendment Act 1 of 2004. Notwithstanding any condition contained in any agreement of lease, or sale or other disposition between the Hippo Valley Estates Limited or its successors in title and any person in respect of land transferred to it or under its control in terms of the agreement set out in the Schedule to the repealed Act, or contained in any title deed in respect of such land, the State may, in terms of the principal Act, compulsorily acquire as agricultural land required for resettlement purposes any such land.

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    An Act to provide for the registration by farmers of stop-orders and special stop orders binding their crops and the proceeds thereof; and for matters incidental thereto.

    Zimbabwe, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act concerns: (a) any written agreement or undertaking executed by a farmer whereunder the farmer: (i) purports to give to the holder (defined in section 2) any right, title or interest in or over the whole or part of any crop which has been, is being or is to be grown or produced in Zimbabwe or the proceeds thereof; and (ii) authorizes any person to pay to the holder the whole or part of the proceeds of such crop (“stop-order”); and (b) an unregistered stop-order which has been executed by a farmer who farms within Communal Land or within such other area as may be prescribed and of wh

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    An Act to alter and amend the boundaries of certain lands.

    Zimbabwe, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act concerns the ownership of so-called “inner banks”. Section 2 makes provision for the definition of boundaries in original grants of land made by the British South Africa Company. The boundary shall be the centre of the said river or stream. Any subsequent transfer of land the boundary of which is so described under one undivided transfer shall be deemed to have conveyed the land up to the centre of the river or stream mentioned as a boundary in the original grant or diagram, and to have vested the ownership of the land as thus bounded in the holder of the title to the land.

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    An Act to protect certain occupiers of rural land from eviction; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental thereto.

    Zimbabwe, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act declares that a person occupying rural land who, but for this Act, would be subjected to any legal proceedings for an order for the recovery of possession, shall be a protected occupier of rural land for the period referred to in subsection four, if: (a) that person was occupying the land on the fixed date and is still occupying the land at the date of commencement of this Act; and (b) that person occupied such land in anticipation of being resettled by an acquiring authority on that or any other land for agricultural purposes in terms of the Land Acquisition Act [Chapter 20:10]; a

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