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    Zambia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    These Regulations provide for the implementation of various provisions of the land Survey Act. The Regulations are divided into 7 parts: Preliminary (I); Checking of survey work (II); Field work (III); beacons (IV); Survey records (V); General plans (VI); Diagrams (VII); Miscellaneous (VIII).

    Implements: Land Survey Act (Cap. 188). (2006)
    Amended by: Land Survey (Amendment) Regulations (S.I. No. 103 of 1998). (1998-08-13)
    Amended by: Land Survey (Amendment) Regulations, 2013 (S.I. No. 54 of 2013). (2013-06-18)

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    Zambia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    The annual rent to be paid for a lease of an agricultural holding issued in accordance with the provisions of Part III of the Act shall be four and one-half percent of the value of the unimproved land comprised in the holding.

    Implements: Agricultural Lands Act (Cap. 187). (2006)

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    Benin, Africa, Western Africa

    Ce décret fixe les attributions, l'organisation et le fonctionnement du Ministère de l'environnement, de l'habitat et de l'urbanisme, chargé de la mise en oeuvre de la politique de l'Etat dans ces matières. Le décret indique les attributions des diverses Directions techniques qui lui sont directement rattachées, notamment: la Direction de l'environnement, la Direction de l'assainissement et des voies urbaines (DAVU), la Direction de l'urbanisme, la Direction de l'habitat et de la construction, la Direction de l'aménagement du territoire.

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    An Act to provide for the orderly conduct of beekeeping, for the improvement of products of beekeeping and for the prevention and eradication of diseases and pests among bees.

    Tanzania, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act consists of 59 sections divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary provisions (I); Objectives of this Act (II); Administration (III); Bee reserves and zones (IV); Registration of beekeepers (V); Regulation of beekeeping activities (VI); Financial provisions (VII); Offences and penalties (VIII); Miscellaneous provisions (IX).Objectives of the Act are outlined in section 3. A Director responsible for beekeeping matters shall be appointed under section 5. A National beekeeping Advisory Committee is established under section 10.

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    An Act to provide for establishment of land dispute settlement machinery and for matters incidental thereto.

    Tanzania, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act indicates courts having jurisdiction subject to section 167 of the Land Act and section 62 of the Village Land Act, 1999. Thos sections prescribe that every dispute or complaint concerning land shall be instituted in the court having jurisdiction to determine land disputes in a given area. The courts are: the Village Land Council, the Ward Tribunal, the District land and Housing Tribunal, the land Division of the High Court and the Court of Appeal of Tanzania.

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    An Act to establish the Tanzania Tobacco Board, repeal the Tanzania Tobacco Board Act of 1984, to provide for the regulation, improvement and development of the Tobacco Industry and matters related thereto.

    Tanzania, Africa, Eastern Africa

    The Tanzania Tobacco Board is established as a body corporate under section 3. The functions of the Board are outlined in section 5 and include the making of regulations for the tobacco industry, the control of pests and diseases, the preservation of the environment and avoidance of land degradation, to regulate and control the quality of tobacco and tobacco by-products, and to promote in various ways the production, processing and marketing of tobacco in Tanzania and the exportation of tobacco. The Board shall also grant tobacco dealer licences and licences for seed multiplication (sect.

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    Rwanda, Eastern Africa, Africa

    Cette loi porte création, organisation et fonctionnement du fonds commun de développement des districts, villes et ville de Kigali, ayant pour objet de financer les projets de développement, répartir entre les districts, villes et ville de Kigali les fonds alloués à ces projets et assurer la péréquation entre ces entités.

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    Burkina Faso, Africa, Western Africa

    Cet arrêté porte délimitation dans la province du Bazèga de la zone à vocation pastorale de Gaongho-Sud, d'une superficie de 6.762 ha, est située entre les parallèles 1l°56' et 12°04' de latitude Nord et les méridiens 01°03' et 0l°09' de longitude Ouest. La zone à vocation pastorale est constituée d'un ensemble d'espaces de terres rurales délimitées et aménagées à des fins d'activités pastorales en association avec des productions végétales et forestières.

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