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    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2021
    China, India, Pakistan

    A border dispute between Indian and Chinese troops, the most dangerous in 45 years, has roiled relations in the High Himalayan valleys and plateaus separating India (Ladakh) and China (Aksia Chin). Against this barren landscape, ancient pathways connecting Central, South, and East Asia converge, making the area today a key nodal point of commercial and strategic interest to three nuclear powers, India, China, and Pakistan.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    October, 2021
    Armenia, Azerbaijan

    On 27 September 2020, Azerbaijan went to war with Armenia on a scale not seen since the ceasefire of 1994. The conflict ended in another cease- fire on 10 November 2020, however, in addition to the theatre of war, the conflict has been prosecuted and continues to be fought post-ceasefire, through claims to cultural heritage which are employed in international organisations to substantiate the legitimacy of territorial claims.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    April, 2021
    Cambodia, Thailand

    How can maps drawn over a century ago still lead to conflict between two countries? The Southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Cambodia are neighbors with a difficult history and a shared border. Their religious similarities have made sacred spaces along the border a divisive issue, with the sacred site of Preah Vihear a central point of controversy.

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    Reports & Research
    September, 2019

    This assessment examines constraints within the land dispute resolution systems in Tigray;Amhara;Oromia and Southern Nations;Nationalities;and Peoples Region and provides a set of proposed interventions to improve the functioning of the formal land dispute resolution system..This resource was published in the frame of the Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) Programme. For more information;please check:

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    Reports & Research
    July, 2021
    Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

    In late April, 2021, deadly cross-border violence resulted in the deaths of 36 Kyrgyz and 19 Tajik citizens.1 To say that the Kyrgyz-Tajik border is complicated would be an understatement. The Soviet collapse in 1991 transformed internal and often overlooked administrative boundaries into suddenly salient and internationally recognized state borders. Villages, farmland, pasture, and infrastructure once shared with little afterthought during the Soviet period today straddle sovereign nations. Exclaves make cross-border travel, commerce, and politics even more complicated.

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    Balance de la Contribución del CNMH al Esclarecimiento Histórico

    Reports & Research
    December, 2018

    La cuestión de la tierra ha ocupado la atención del país de manera recurrente porque sigue sin ser resuelta y ahora regresa asociada al proceso de paz con las FARC y al cumplimiento de los acuerdos que buscan hacer una reforma rural integral. Esa circunstancia histórica hace más importante hacer un balance sobre lo que sabemos y lo que ignoramos de la compleja trama de procesos sociales, económicos, políticos y culturales que vinculan la cuestión agraria con la violencia.

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    Historias, políticas agrarias y protagonistas

    Reports & Research
    December, 2016

    Este informe documenta y analiza los cambios en la estructura de la propiedad agraria en Colombia durante la segunda mitad del siglo XX y la primera década del siglo XXI. Se examina primero la legislación agraria y el reparto de tierras baldías en la primera mitad del siglo XX, para ver en perspectiva histórica la configuración de la estructura de la propiedad rural y establecer el peso que en esta han tenido las políticas de tierras del Estado colombiano.

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    Institutional & promotional materials
    March, 2022
    Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia


    The Support to Responsible Agricultural Investments (S2RAI) Project promotes internationally recognized principles and guidelines to ensure food and land tenure security for communities in the context of large-scale commercial land investment as well as strengthen the institutional frameworks and coordination structures at federal and regional levels in relations to responsible agricultural investment in Ethiopia.

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    apoyo integral
    Manuals & Guidelines
    March, 2022

    El número de defensores/as de derechos humanos de la tierra, territorio y medioambiente (DDH) criminalizados/as ha aumentado en los últimos años, particularmente en América Latina. Los esfuerzos de Trócaire en el pasado se han centrado en estrategias legales que apuntan a liberar a los DDH de la tierra y el medio ambiente en prisión preventiva. Con el tiempo, hemos aprendido que: i.

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    Carta Internacional
    Journal Articles & Books
    April, 2021
    Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Angola, Asia, China

    A busca por recursos naturais sobressai nas investidas interna- cionais de alguns países, sendo a China uma das melhores ilustrações. Motiva a política externa chinesa, assim orientada, o abastecimento principalmente de matérias primas energéticas e de produtos agrícolas. Para as áreas implicadas, os desdobramentos podem se mostrar problemáticos, mormente pelas disputas por recursos essenciais. Este estudo focaliza esse assunto, investigando a parceria governamental entre China e Angola que criou a empresa Jiangzhou.

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