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    An Act to make provisions for the control and regulating of proper planning in the Federal Territory, for the levying of development charges, and for purposes connected therewith or ancillary thereto.

    Malaysia, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    The present Act, which shall apply to the Federal Territory, has been enacted for the purpose of planning in a proper manner the use of the same territory.

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    Ireland, Europe, Northern Europe

    The purpose of these Regulations is, firstly, to remove initial afforestation from the planning control system, to coincide with the introduction of a separate statutory consent system by the Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources under the European Communities (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) Regulations, 2001 (S.I. No. 538 of 2001), and, secondly, to reduce the planning threshold for peat extraction from 50 hectares to 10 hectares.

    Amends: Local Government (Planning and Development) Regulations, 1994. (1994-04-14)

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    Chile, Americas, South America

    La presente Resolución fija los costos de forestación, recuperación de suelos degradados, estabilización de dunas, poda y raleo, en pesos y por hectárea, y el establecimiento de cortinas cortavientos , en pesos y por kilómetro, para la temporada de forestación del año 2002.

    Implementa: Decreto Ley Nº 701 - Fomento forestal. (1979-03-21)

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    Laos, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    Part I, Management of forests and forested lands: provisions are made on social and community forestry in order to preserve, manage, maintain, rehabilitate forests and forested lands by maen of strategic planning, appointing Directors of Forestry to organize, supervise and implement the plans, encouraging investments in forestry industrial production.

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    Argentina, Americas, South America

    La presente Resolución aprueba el Programa de Acción Nacional de Lucha contra la Desertificación y Mitigación de los efectos de la Sequía (PAN), en el marco de la Convención de las Naciones Unidas de lucha contra la desertificación en los países afectados por sequía grave o desertificación, en particular en África, aprobada el 26 de septiembre de 1996. Además, se dispone la creación de la Comisión Asesora del Programa de Acción Nacional de Lucha contra la Desertificación y Mitigación de los Efectos de la Sequía.

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    Turkey, Western Asia, Asia

    The present Regulation provides guidelines to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry on planning afforestation activities: (i) Preparation of afforestation projects; (ii) Selection of areas for afforestation; (iii) Organizing forest - social community relations; and (iv) Preparation of annual programs and location distribution tables. One year prior to afforestation, all trees and shrubs that are classified as non-economic will be cleared from the area.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Convention applies to the Carpathian region to be defined by the Conference of the Parties. Each Party may extend the application of this Convention and its Protocols to additional parts of its national territory by making a declaration to that effect. The Parties shall pursue a comprehensive policy and cooperate for the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians with a view to inter alia improving quality of life, strengthening local economies and communities, and conservation of natural values and cultural heritage.

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    Argentina, Americas, South America

    La presente Ley contiene el Código Rural, el cual constituye el conjunto ordenado y sistemático de las normas administrativas, reglamentarias, de policía y jurisdiccionales de aplicación en el orden rural. Fija asimismo las normas que rigen el ejercicio, los derechos y obligaciones derivados de la actividad rural en cualquiera de sus especializaciones. El libro I se refiere a las personas rurales.

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    Belize, Americas, Central America

    Regulations to implement provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act in general.The 61 regulations are divided into 13 Parts: Preliminary (I); Non-exclusive prospecting licence (II); Pegging of claims (III); Quarry permit (IV); Mineral right and objections (V); Royalty and transfers (VI); Mineral Dealer’s licence and export permit (VII); Residence/use of land (VIII); Surveys (IX); Keeping records of minerals (X); Retention of minerals (XI); Miscellaneous (XII); Water and timber rights (XIII).Non-exclusive prospecting licences shall be issued by the Inspector in accordance with provisions of Pa

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    Belize, Americas, Central America

    Regulations to implement provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act in with respect to safety, health and environment protection aspects of mining and related operations.The 122 regulations are divided into 14 Parts: Preliminary (I); General provisions (II); Environmental protection, reclamation and abandonment (III); Exploration (IV); Mine design and planning (V); Machinery and equipment (VI); Electrical apparatus (VII); Buildings and structures (VIII); Dumps (tips), dams and lagoons (IX); Explosives (X); Personnel safety and emergency awareness (XI); Hoists and shafts (XII); Industrial hygi

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