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    Lithuania, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act lays down basic provisions on land tenure, both urban and rural. land can be owned only by Lithuanian citizens, or by the State (art. 3). Private ownership of land conveys certain standard rights and privileges, amounting to the free and unimpeded enjoyment and disposition of the owner's property (art. 7). Usufructury rights accrue to the leaseholders of private and State-owned land (art. 8).

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    Mongolia, Eastern Asia, Asia

    "The State Great Khural decrees to entrust the Government of Mongolia to undertake the following measures: (1) to renew within 1995 the Land Fund registration and classification of Mongolia; (2) to supply aimak, the capital city, soum and district Governors' Offices with personnel specialized in land organization, and train them in land management; (3) to elaborate within 1994 the draft law on Land Rent and submit it to the State Great Khural; (4) to approve and officialize procedures, instructions, certificates and other forms of documents required for implementing the Land Law; (5) to hav

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    With a view to effecting the environmental protection of the bed of rivers and lakes, which dry up and become exposed as a result of a natural or man-made change in the former course of the river or surface of the lake, the statute reverses the rules governing ownership of newly-exposed river or lake beds (called riveraine and lacustrine "appurtenances"), which henceforth shall accrue to the State in lieu of the owners of riparian or coastal land.

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    Mongolia, Eastern Asia, Asia

    A Law to regulate relations with regard to land possession and use by citizens, economic entities and organizations.The 60 articles of the Law are divided into 8 Chapters: General Provisions (1); Mongolian Land Unified Fund and its Basic Classification (2); Land for Special Needs (3); Power of State and Local Self-governing Organizations regarding Land Relations (4); Land Organization, Land Unified Fund Register and Report (5); Land Possession and Use (6); Efficient and Proper Land Use and Protection (7); Other Provisions (8)."All land within the state boundaries of Mongolia constitute the

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    Cuba, Americas, Caribbean

    La Resolución, que consta de 8 párrafos, en base al artículo 3º del Decreto Ley Nº 125, de 30 de enero de 1991, que permite la entrega de tierras estatales en usufructo, y de las Resoluciones Nº 356/93, de 28 de septiembre de 1993, 357/93, de 28 de septiembre de 1993, y 419/94, de 6 de septiembre de 1994, que autorizan la entrega de tierras en usufructo para el autoabastecimiento familiar (en cantidad de 6 cordeles), y para los cultivos del tabaco y café respectivamente, dispone en el párrafo 1º la entrega de tierras estatales ociosas en concepto de usufructo a pequeños agricultores para su

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    An Act to grant financial assistance in connection with projects relating to natural resources management, to establish a Natural Resources Management Account, to establish a Australian Landcare Council, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceania

    The Act provides for funding and administrative arrangements relating to natural resources management, with the primary objective of facilitating an integrated approach to such management that is efficient, sustainable and equitable. Part 2 deals with financial assistance from the Commonwealth to a state or to "other persons" for projects relating to natural resource management, and sets forth the various requirements for the agreements which govern such assistance.

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    Niger, Africa, Western Africa

    La présente ordonnance fixe les principes qui gouvernent l'utilisation des terres, de l'eau et des forêts dans les zones rurales. Par mesure de principe, l'ordonnance prévoit que les droits qui s'exercent sur les ressources naturelles bénéficient d'une égale protection, qu'ils résultent de la coutume ou du droit écrit.

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    Armenia, Western Asia, Asia

    This Code provides for the management, use and preservation of the lithosphere, which is defined as that part of the crust of the earth under the topsoil. The ownership of the lithosphere is vested in the State. The vast majority of provisions of this Act deal with the regulation and licensing of mining and geological exploration activities within the lithosphere. All such use, however, must comply with the general obligation to protect the air, land, forests, water and other environmental resources against adverse impacts, and to restore land disturbed by such activities (art. 18).

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    Armenia, Western Asia, Asia

    This Law concerns the formation, organization, preservation and use of nature reserves. There are four types of reserves: (i) state conservancies, where most human interference is prohibited; (ii) national parks, where activities are somewhat less restricted and which are intended for recreational, historical, cultural and scientific purposes; (iii) state reserves, the characteristics of which are not specified; and (iv) natural monuments, which are natural objects of special scientific and historical cultural value.

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    Colombia, Americas, South America

    El Decreto, que consta de 7 artículos y 1 transitorio, introduce modificaciones respecto a la composición y funciones de la Junta Directiva del Instituto Colombiano de la Reforma Agraria (INCORA) (arts. 2º y 3º). El artículo 6º modifica las normas relativas al Fondo Nacional Agrario.

    Implementa: Ley Nº 1 - Modifica la Ley Nº 135 de 1961, sobre reforma social agraria. (1968-01-26)
    Enmienda: Decreto Nº 3.177 - Reglamenta parcialmente la Ley Nº 135 de 1961, y en especial lo relativo a la organización del Instituto Colombiano de la Reforma Agraria. (1961-12-16)

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