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    Madagascar, Africa, Eastern Africa

    Ce décret porte création et organisation de la direction des eaux et forêts et de la conservation des sols chargée de la constitution, de la conservation, de la protection et de la gestion du domaine forestier de l'Etat et des collectivités publiques, du contrôle des forêts des particuliers, de la promotion du reboisement national et de la lutte contre l'érosion des sols.

  2. Library Resource
    Armenia, Western Asia, Asia

    The regulation contains the procedures and considerations for the allotment of land plots. The Regulation makes specifically provision for agricultural land. In the case of "condemnation" or temporary use of land for state or public needs land users or landowners are entitled to compensation. Land plots alloted to citizens, farmers and collective farms can be alienated when new land plots are alloted to them by agreement. (40 articles)

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    Armenia, Western Asia, Asia

    The 7 articles regulate the National Land Cadastre. It is maintained and systematic surveys on the status of the land are conducted by the State Institute for Design "Armgiprozem" for the timely exposure, assessment, prevention and abolition of the effects of any negative phenomena (art.2,3). The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for, inter alia, the registration of land-owners and land-users. The Decree further stipulates duties of land-owners and land-users relating to the timely and up-to-date registration in the Cadastre.

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    Belize, Americas, Central America

    The Ordinance consists of 19 articles that are divided into three Parts: Preliminary (I); Subdivision (II) and Utilization (III). No person may subdivide any land to which this Act applies except in accordance with the provisions contained in the Act. Part III empowers the Minister to make regulations for the better utilization of land regarding, inter alia, the prohibition of land clearing within demarcated catchment areas, measures to prevent soil erosion, restrictions on construction and the demarcation of special development areas.

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