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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    The Act prescribes that rights over land and water which have been actually enjoyed for a period for not less than 20 years without interruption and which can be lawfully claimed under common law, will be, subject to conditions as established by this Act, be deemed to be "absolute and indefeasible".

  2. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    The Regulations contain detailed provisions on the survey register, survey procedures, marks (including sketches), classification and standards of surveys.

    Implements: Survey Co-ordination Act 1949. (2000-03-31)

  3. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    The Act (31 sections) is divided into 5 Parts, i.e.: Preliminary (I); Board of Surveyors (II); The Register (II); Registered Surveyors (IV); and Miscellaneous (V).The Board of Surveyors, constituted under this Act, keeps a register of surveyors and deals with offences of and charges against surveyors. The board shall cause a notification of the registration of every surveyor to be published in the Gazette. The Act contains the requirements to be a registered surveyor and describes the powers and duties of surveyors (right to make surveys, entry upon land).

  4. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    The Act (5 sections, 1 Schedule) sets out the official marks to be used by Government licensed or appointed surveyors in the conduct of official surveys. The use of the marks except in the conduct of an official survey is prohibited and liable to a penalty. Penalties for unauthorized defacement or destruction of survey marks, landmarks or beacons are also provided.

  5. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    This Regulation is divided into 4 Parts, i.e.: Preliminary (I); Certificates of Competency (II); Registration of Surveyors (III); Miscellaneous (IV); and completed with one Schedule.

    Implements: Surveyors Act 1929. (2001-08-08)

  6. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    The objective of the Regulations (22 sections, 8 Schedules) is to set out procedures for registration and endorsement of registration of Surveyors (reg. 3). They include detailed rules concerning training and registration of Surveyors - course, training agreement, prescribed qualifications, examinations, cadastral law assignment and registration of Surveyors. The Schedules contain forms for various applications, prescribed qualifications and certificates.

    Implements: Surveyors Act 1978. (1999-02-25)

  7. Library Resource
    May, 1963
    Oceania, Australia

    The Regulations contain rules for the election procedure of the Soil Conservation District Advisory Committee, provided for in section 15 of the principal Act. The Committee shall consist of a representative of the Soil Conservation Authority and representatives of Government departments or public authorities and persons appointed as representing grazing, agricultural and other relevant interests in the District. The persons appointed as representing special interests shall be appointed after elections, regulated by the present Regulations.

  8. Library Resource
    Mauritania, Africa, Western Africa

    Ce décret porte institution de mesures d'encouragement au reboisement communautaire et individuel. Ces mesures peuvent être en nature, en espèces et en assistance technique et peuvent porter sur le reboisement de terres soit appartenant à des personnes physiques ou morales soit des terres domaniales concédées uniquement pour des droits d'usage en vertu d'un titre régulier.

  9. Library Resource
    Spain, Europe, Southern Europe

    La presente Ley establece el régimen jurídico de las vías pecuarias. Se entiende por vías pecuarias las rutas o itinerarios por donde discurre o ha venido discurriendo tradicionalmente el tránsito ganadero. Asimismo, las vías pecuarias podrán ser destinadas a otros usos compatibles y complementarios en términos acordes con su naturaleza y sus fines, dando prioridad al tránsito ganadero y otros usos rurales, e inspirándose en el desarrollo sostenible y el respeto al medio ambiente, al paisaje y al patrimonio natural y cultural.

  10. Library Resource
    Cambodia, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    This text consists of 6 articles. Article 1 establishes the concept of precinct forests defined as the inland and marine fisheries domain and reserved for fishery productivity. Article 2 subjects the issuing of the land property in the precinct forest to the approval by the Ministry of Agriculture. The conduct of activities such as clearing, chopping, reclaiming or burning is prohibited unless prior authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture has been granted (art. 3).

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