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    May, 2008

    These Regulations, consisting of 40 Articles, are enacted to strengthen the planning, protection, construction, management and utilization of ethnic cultural villages in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture.The administrative departments for construction of the people's governments at the county level should plan for the protection of ethnic cultural villages, and delimit the protected areas. The planning, construction, protection, management and utilization of ethnic cultural villages should respect the wishes of the local people and safeguard the interests thereof.

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    December, 2017
    Mongolia, South-Eastern Asia

    The purpose of these Voluntary guidelines is to serve as a reference and to provide guidance to improve the governance of tenure of land, sheries and forests with the overarching goal of achieving food security for all and to support the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security. This video is produced by PCC in their effort to support the implementation of the VGGT

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2013

    Liquid biofuel from oil crops are broadly promoted globally, among which biofuel from perennial wood species, as well as from bushes and small trees such as jatropha. In China, oil-bearing small trees, which mainly grow on slope land, are applied as so-called bioenergy and oil forests for liquid biofuel production. The national government in China has devised a series of laws and policies to promote bioenergy and oil forest programs. In this study, the focus is on jatropha and camellia programs.

  4. Library Resource
    January, 1999
    Cambodia, Oceania, Eastern Asia

    An historical record of concessionaire activity in Cambodian forests since 1995, and a critique of the ADB-funded concession review carried out in late 1999.Available in Word and Text verisons and in Khmer at:

  5. Library Resource
    January, 2006
    Indonesia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    The promotion of forestry activities is seen as a means by which to reduce poverty while protecting the environment. But if clearing of forests for agricultural activities can prove more profitable, will such efforts be effective?

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2004
    Indonesia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    Indonesia’s forests have been disappearing rapidly since the 1980s: 1.8 million hectares per year are estimated to have been deforested between 1985 and 1997. Consequently, there is a possibility that in some areas, the forests will cease to function as a viable resource base in the near future.This paper examines the role of economic incentives in causing deforestation, focussing on policies that distort prices and create the conditions for unsustainable harvesting.

  7. Library Resource
    January, 2000
    Indonesia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    This report examines the destruction and systematic plunder of Asia's greatest rainforests under former Indonesian president Suharto. The report focuses on the 1997-1998 forest fires in Indonesia that resulted in the burning of 10 million hectares of forests. Many of these fires were deliberately set by plantation owners who take advantage of the dry season to clear the forests and plant export crops like palm oil.

  8. Library Resource
    January, 2003
    Indonesia, Philippines, Gambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Oceania, Eastern Asia

    This report presents a collection of case studies which focus on processes of conflict management and resolution and the different ways and means that conflicts are addressed.

  9. Library Resource
    January, 2007
    Indonesia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    There is an increasing global demand for oil palm, but its production provokes societal debate on the environmental and social aspects that surround it, particularly in southeast Asia. This study, at the request of request of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), ISRIC-World Soil Information, Alterra and Plant Research International, assessed the biophysical land suitability for the production of oil palm in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

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