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    January, 2016
    United Kingdom

    These Regulations specify the criteria for development which is of national significance for the purposes of section 62D of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and the types of development which could be of national significance. This includes dams and reservoirs; transfer of water resources; waste water treatment plants and hazardous waste facilities. These Regulations also prescribe consents for the purposes of the 1990 Act and make consequential amendments. The prescribed consents are “secondary consents” for the purposes of sections 62E to 62G of that Act.

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    December, 2016

    The present Act introduces some amendments to the Land Transaction Act of 9 December 1992. In particular, the Act amends, inter alia, article 4 establishing that the valuation of rights to land in Liechtenstein and of other assets situated in Liechtenstein is determined by the market value and the provisions of valuation legislation. The text consists of 3 articles.

    Amends: Land Transaction Ordinance. (2013)

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    July, 2017
    Czech Republic

    This Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture lays down some amendments and addenda to Decree on the use and storage of fertilizers. In particular, the present Decree regulates the method of reporting aviation application of liquid fertilizers or auxiliary substances. The sample form for the reporting aviation application of liquid fertilizers or auxiliary substances is given in the amended Annex 4.

    Implements: Fertilizers Act. (1998-06-12)
    Amends: Decree on the use and storage of fertilizers. (2013-11-25)

  4. Library Resource
    March, 2016

    La presente Resolución adopta la Guía Procedimental y de Parámetros Técnicos para la determinación de Bienes Equivalentes y cálculo de la Unidad Agrícola Familiar Predial, para materializar las órdenes judiciales proferidas a los segundos ocupantes.

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    December, 2004

    The Regulation, which consists of 10 articles, provides for the establishment of tourism centers in different areas of the State. In particular, the Regulation divides the areas, based on capability to provide services for tourists, in four levels as follows: international level, national level, provincial level, and domestic level. The ‘Cultural heritage Organization’ determines the requirements for the establishment of the tourism centers on each level.

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    July, 2016

    This Regulation consisting of 19 articles aims to regulate provisions on short-term and long-term plans to combat the harmful effects of dust in the country. The Regulation establishes the Committee to Combat Dust under the supervision of the Department of Environment.

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    February, 2016
    United Kingdom

    This Order transfers certain functions of Northern Ireland departments to other Northern Ireland departments. The functions which immediately before the transfer date are exercisable by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development under or for the purposes of the statutory provisions set out in Schedule 2 are transferred as from that date to the Department for Infrastructure.

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    May, 2016
    Burkina Faso

    Le présent décret ratifié la Convention sur la coopération transfrontalière adoptée à Malabo le 27 juin 2014.Les objectifs de la présente Convention sont: promouvoir la coopération transfrontalière aux niveaux local, sous régional et régional; saisir les opportunités qui naissent du partage de frontières communes et relever les défis y afférents; faciliter la délimitation, la démarcation et la réaffirmation des frontières inter-Etats, conformément aux mécanismes convenus par les parties concernées; faciliter le règlement pacifique des différends frontaliers; assurer une gestion intégrée, ef

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