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    December, 2012
    Africa, Eastern Africa

    In the past decades, both upstream and downstream countries ofthe Blue Nile Basin (BNB) had developed and adopted several policies and strategies related to land and water management. Yet there are important policy and institutional gaps that irnpeded adoption of improved land and water management strategies. An example of these gaps is the lack of upstream-downstream linkage and incentive-based policy enforcement mechanisms. In spite of long-standing efforts in improving land and water management in the BNB, achievements have been negligible to date.

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    December, 2013

    Land use change is one of the main stress factors on ecosystems near urban areas. We analysed land use dynamics within Xochimilco, a World Heritage Site area in Mexico City. We used satellite images and GIS to quantify changes in land use/land cover (LULC) from 1989 to 2006 in this area, and a Markov projection model to simulate the impact of different management scenarios through to 2057. The results show an alarming rate of urbanisation in 17 years. LULC change runs in one direction from all other land use categories towards urban land use.

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    December, 2013

    We address the possible outcomes of combining environmental taxes and environmental planning in managing non-renewable resources such as aggregates. We empirically investigate resource taxation issues by focusing on aggregate extraction policy in two large northern Italian regions, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. The evidence shows that environmental planning, in addition to economic instruments, is needed to shape and monitor environmental policies. We highlight that the complementarity of land use planning and economic instruments can be a key driver of sustainability performances.

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