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    A case study from rural communities in Zambia

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2012
    Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa, Zambia

    Seasonal changes and ambiguity in property rights over land and natural resources create conflicts in rural communities in eastern Zambia. This study describes how rural households have minimized such conflicts and protect the economic interests of the poor members of the community through collective agreements on how to manage access to land and natural resources. Specifically, this study describes and evaluates the formulation and implementation of bylaws governing the grazing of animals and the setting of bush fires.

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    January, 2008
    Ethiopia, Eastern Africa

    In Ethiopian development policies, pastoralist areas have recently attracted more attention. However, much debate and policy advice is still based on assumptions that see a sedentary lifestyle as the desirable development outcome for pastoralist communities. This paper investigates current practices of collective action and how these are affected by changing property rights in the pastoralist and agro-pastoralist economies of three selected sites in eastern Ethiopia.

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    January, 2011
    Uganda, Africa

    Most conflicts in the developing world take place in rural areas, displacing large numbers of civilians and disrupting their agricultural livelihoods. Rebuilding agriculture is an important strategy for post-conflict reconstruction. Agriculture is well suited to absorb demobilized combatants, improve food security, and enhance livelihoods. To stimulate agricultural production, post-conflict programs often have to provide agricultural inputs and assets including seeds, tools, and livestock that have been lost during the conflict.

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    Peer-reviewed publication
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2015
    Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Southern Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, South America, Africa, Asia

    This 2014–2015 Global Food Policy Report is the fourth in an annual series that provides a comprehensive overview of major food policy developments and events. In this report, distinguished researchers, policymakers, and practitioners review what happened in food policy in 2014 at the global, regional, and national levels, and—supported by the latest knowledge and research—explain why. This year’s report is the first to also look forward a year, offering analysis of the potential opportunities and challenges that we will face in achieving food and nutrition security in 2015.

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    Reports & Research
    February, 2015
    Africa, Central African Republic

    The crisis that engulfed the Central African Republic (CAR) in the end of 2012 resulted in the perpetration of gross human rights violations, including the widespread looting and destruction of homes. As people fled the violence they left behind land which others occupied illegally. More than a year after the height of the crisis, approximately 440,000 Central Africans continue to be internally displaced. Almost half a million are refugees in neighbouring countries.

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    Reports & Research
    South Sudan

    Land is of tremendous importance in South Sudan. It represents community, belonging and place as well as provides a source of income, subsistence and survival. Control of land and resources was at the centre of the conflict that lasted five decades, leading to South Sudan’s independence in 2011.

  7. Library Resource
    March, 2015
    Mali, Western Africa

    Urban and peri-urban land markets in rapidly expanding West African cities operate within and across different coexisting tenure regimes and involve complex procedures to obtain or make land available for housing. Because a structured framework lacks for the analysis of such systems, this book proposes a systemic approach and applies it to Bamako and its surrounding areas.

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