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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act makes provision for the subdivision of land by a registered proprietor of a freehold estate or a leasehold estate in land that is subject to the Land Titles Registration Act 2008. The subdivision of land so as to provide for units shall be effected by approval under the Survey Act 2010 of a plan, which shall be drafted in accordance with this Act. Upon the approval of a unit plan, a common property in the plan vests in the body corporate created on approval of the plan.

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    Tonga, Oceania

    This Act defines the liability of an occupier of a leased area or premises. Section 1 of this Act shall bind the Crown, but as regards the Crown's liability in tort shall not bind the Crown further than the Crown is made liable in tort by the Crown Proceedings Act 1947.

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    Papua New Guinea, Oceania

    This Act primarily concerns partnership agreement (described in Schedule 3) between a Relevant Public Body and a private partner for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure (as defined in Schedule 2).

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    Palau, Oceania

    This Act provides for the recognition of the condominium form of ownership of real property and establishes rules for the creation, sale, and operation of condominiums, and for related purposes. It seeks to protect condominium ownership rights and define the legal relationship among the various parties involved in condominium development and ownership. The Act also establishes a set of guidelines by which owners make collective decisions and resolve conflicts.

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    Fiji, Oceania

    This Decree amends the Native Land Trust Act in subsection (1) of section 3 by deleting "Great Council of Chiefs" and substituting "Minister for Indigenous Affairs".

    Amends: Native Land Trust Act. (1985)

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    Samoa, Oceania

    The Act concerns claims enforceable by or against the Government and related civil proceedings. Subject to this Act and any other Act, all debts, damages, duties, sums of money, land, or goods, due, payable or belonging to the Government, is to be sued for and recovered by proceedings taken for that purpose in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides for the constitution of District Courts and defines their jurisdiction. The Act also concerns civil procedure and appeals against decisions of District Courts. As for jurisdiction in respect of land matters a Court does not have jurisdiction to hear or determine any action which in any way affects or is in relation to customary land but has jurisdiction to hear and determine any action for the recovery of freehold land, or any interest therein and may issue a judgment or order for the recovery of land.

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    Tuvalu, Oceania

    This Act amends the Native Lands Act (Cap 22) in relation with proceedings in any dispute concerning the possession and demarcation and utilization of native lands.Subject to sections 31(1) and 33 of the principal Act, the court shall hear and adjudicate in accordance with provisions of the Lands Code or, where the Code is not applicable, local customary law and the Cadastral Survey Maps (if not proved incorrect), all cases concerning land, land boundaries and transfers of titles to native land register in the registers of native land and any disputes concerning the possession and utilizati

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    Samoa, Oceania

    This Act provides for land administration and other matters relating to land, the protection of the environment and several matters relating to the conservation of wildlife and fisheries resources.The Act consists of General Administration (I); Surveys (II); Purchase and Development of Land (III); Classification and Alienation of Government Land (IV); Leases (V); Renewal of Renewable Leases and Reassessments (VI); Remissions, Revaluations, Forfeitures (VII); Conservation and Environment (VIII); Miscellaneous (IX).

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    Samoa, Oceania

    These Rules of the Head of State, made under section 92(1) of the Land Titles Registration Act 2008, provide for the registration of title or other interests in land and specifically for the service of a Notice by the Registrar under section 5(1)(h) of the Act and attestation of execution of any instrument requiring attestation, which is executed in Samoa. Nothing in these regulations affects ownership of customary land held within the meaning of Article 101(2) of the Constitution or alienates customary land within the meaning of Article 102 of the Constitution.

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