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    Journal Articles & Books
    February, 1966

    This study attempts to identify the main obstacles to progress and the developments possible. It would therefore be wrong to consider it as a first agricultural plan for Africa, similar to the one called for recently by the Ghanaian Ministry of Agriculture.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    May, 1995

    The mission was in accordance with Programme Element 20.48 of the approved United Nations Regular Programme for Technical Cooperation for the 1994-1995 Biennium which calls for the provision of advisory services and training to member countries and inter-governmental organizations in support of their efforts at developing their agricultural support services.

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    Resolution 117 (VI) adopted by the commission at its 113th plenary meeting on 2 March 1964

    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 1964

    The paper concerned on Rural life and community Action : Resolution 117 (VI) adopted by the commission at its 113th plenary meeting on 2 March 1964.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 1969
    Africa, Northern Africa

    The ECA/FAO Joint Agriculture Division has been requested to collaborate with the Industry and Housing Division in the preparation of a study on "industrialization and Economic Co-operation for the North African sub-region” by providing the relevant part of the study concerning "The Agricultural Sector, 1963-1980".

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    ECA/FAO Agriculture Division staff papers No. 3

    Reports & Research
    December, 1986

    This paper examines the role of the International Financial institutions in the formulation of African macro-economic policies with particular reference to efforts aimed at adjusting the agricultural sectors of African economies. The paper attempts to

    assess the impact of Structural Adjustment Programs(SAP)on African agriculture and through an examination of the application of the programs in three African countries - Malawi,Tanzania and Zambia.

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