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    June, 2016

    The Guideline provides for areas of the public forestry and pasture fund that may be leased according to the public competition/bidding procedures. The forestry authorities assess the forestry and pasture areas at the beginning of the year and submit the proposed list of leases to the municipality together with a detailed report on their potential use. The leases should comply with the law requirements regarding the allowed activities as well as the long- and short-term management plans.

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    July, 1998

    This Law amends Law No. 7665 on the Priority Tourism Development Zones by replacing throughout the text the words “Ministry of Tourism” with “Committee for Tourism Development”, and the words “Minister of Tourism” with “Chair of the Tourism Development Committee”.

    Amends: Law No. 7665 on the Priority Tourism Development Zones. (1993-01-21)

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    May, 2009

    These provisions supplement Law No. 9948 of 2008 as regards the deadlines for the submission of examination requests. The new deadline is extended for six months as from the entry into force of this Law.

    Amends: Law No. 9948 on the examination of the legal validity of ownership titles relating to agricultural lands. (2008-07-07)

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    National Policies
    December, 2007

    The National Strategy on Gender Equality and Domestic Violence 2007-2010 is a multi-sectoral policy laying down the approaches and institutional mechanisms for mainstreaming gender issues into public policies, easing gender-based differences and preventing domestic violence.

  5. Library Resource
    March, 2017

    Law No. 28/2017 amends and supplements Law No. 107/2014 on territory planning in regard to the territory development requirements, the monitoring of development works, the application for construction permit, and the cases of works suspension after the permit issuance.

    Amends: Law No. 107/2014 on territory planning and development. (2014-07-31)

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    December, 2017

    This Regulation 739 of 2017 amends and supplements Regulation 725 of 2015 regarding the organization and functioning of the Territory Development Agency. The changes include: appointment and termination of the General Director of the Agency by the Prime Minister; replacement of the integrated territory registry with the electronic permits system; and exercise of several ministerial functions by the Prime Minister.

    Implements: Law No. 107/2014 on territory planning and development. (2014-07-31)

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    November, 2017

    This Regulation sets forth unified rules for the structure, content, and steps involved in planning, implementation, and monitoring of territory development interventions in order to detail the planning procedures at central and local levels and produce similar planning documentation in form and structure.The Regulation is composed of the following chapters: General Provisions (I); Planning Documents (II); Main Directions of the Planning Process regulating territory structure and zoning for planning reasons (III); Planning Standards and Indicators (IV); and Final and Transitory Provisions (

  8. Library Resource
    August, 2008

    This Regulation amends articles 2, 5, and 8 of Regulation 289 of 2006. The amendment affects the structure and organization of the ALUIIZC. According to it, the ALUIIZC will have a Tirana-based central department and 27 local departments according to the list introduced by it. Further, the ALUIIZC will be chaired by the General Director and 3 (three) Deputy Directors.

    Amends: Regulation No. 289 of 2006 on the organization and functioning of the Agency of Legalisation, Urbanisation, and Integration of Informal Zones/Construction (ALUIIZC). (2006-05-17)

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    January, 1999
    Albania, Eastern Europe, Europe

    Describes (1) the processes of privatization of land management in selected transition countries and (2) the post-privatization changes in land administration institutions which are being crafted to establish land markets. It begins with the proposition that there are similar land market institutional problems which most "transition" countries are facing, due largely to common experiences in creating command economies during the past 50-80 years and the almost simultaneous decisions of these countries to move toward market political economies in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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