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    National Policies
    July, 2009

    The Environmental Policy Strategy is a national cross-sectoral strategy of Latvia for the period 2009-2015. Its main objective is to provide the public with the opportunity to live in a clean and well-arranged environment through sustainable development, preservation of environmental quality and biological diversity, sustainable use of natural resources, as well as participation of the public in the decision-making and its awareness of the environmental situation.

  2. Library Resource
    November, 2009

    These Measures, consisting of 27 Articles, are formulated in order to strengthen the management of land and resources, and standardize the supervision and inspection work.The Measures provide for the responsibilities of the competent land and resources authorities at various levels on supervising and inspecting violations. The land and resources administrative departments at or above county level shall establish a dynamic inspection system, timely detection and investigate and deal with violations of land and resources.

  3. Library Resource
    June, 2009

    The purpose of these Measures is to effectively fulfill the state land supervision responsibilities, standardize field inspection and verification on major land problems, and improve rapid response and emergency handling capabilities of the state land supervision and inspection institution. The Measures consist of 20 Articles.The Measures provide for the contents, standards, work discipline and responsibilities, implementation and reporting of on-site inspection and verification.

  4. Library Resource
    February, 2009

    The purpose of these Measures is to standardize the preparation, examination and approval of overal land use planning. The Measures are divided into 5 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Preparation of of Overall Land Use Planning (II); Content of Overall Land Use Planning (III); Examination and Approval (IV); Supplementary Provisions (V).

  5. Library Resource
    October, 2009

    Le présent décret définit les attributions du ministre à la présidence chargé des zones économiques spéciales. Le ministre à la présidence chargé des zones économiques spéciales exécute la politique de la Nation telle que définie par le Président de la République dans les domaines des zones économiques spéciales.

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2010
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Law governs: basic and specific administrative and technological conditions and terms related to the geological exploration and related research, including the rules and practices aimed to define the procedure at all stages of execution of geological mansions, general principles of the state interests, activities that use the results of geological research, production and distribution of geological maps, cadastre issues, production and revision of the geological documentation, authorizations/permits, standards for the geological surveys, reporting duties, geological databases, financia

  7. Library Resource
    January, 2010

    The purpose of the present Act is the economic and expedient use of the soil; the protection and care of the environment and, in particular the conservation or reinstatement of the sustainable purity of the air, water and soil, as well as the avoidance of noise; the conservation or reinstatement of a healthy nature, the protection of the indigenous fauna and flora and their natural living spaces, of the cultural heritage and, finally, in particular that of housing and recreational areas.

  8. Library Resource
    January, 2009
    South Sudan

    This Act provides with respect to local government in South Sudan. It, among other things, defines functions of local government councils and requires every local government council to establish a land committee or authorities to facilitate land management and administration with its own jurisdiction. Functions of such committees are defined.

  9. Library Resource
    November, 2009

    This Regulation hereby officially suspends the decision that previously granted the use of land plots (farmland, forests, buildings and moveable property) for which the effective recognition and restoration decisions have been made as compensation for the recognized successors of the former kings Ferdinand I and Boris III (also suspends the exploitation and construction activities).

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