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    August, 2016

    This Act provides with respect to the protection of the environment in Seychelles. It designates the Ministry or Department of the Government under the Minister responsible for the environment as the Ministry for the purposes of this Act and defines its functions and powers.

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    March, 1998

    An Act for the protection and restoration of soil from wastes. It consists of 26 articles divided into 5 Parts. Part 1 contains the definition of certain terms such as, for example, "soil", "functions of the soil", "improvement of the soil, etc., as well as its scope of application. Furthermore, the text deals with the following matters: duty to avert damage to the soil, reduction of damage, adding to or removing materials from the soil, duty to take preventive measures, estimates of danger and inquiry orders. Part 4 establishes principles on sound agricultural use of soil.

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    September, 2016

    This Act provides for the town and country planning at national, district and local level. It sets forth the provisions to prepare, approve and a deposit a plan and establishes an administrative framework for development planning. The Act also provides for development control and enforcement. It consists of 99 sections divide into 10 Parts.The Act establishes the Physical Planning Council and the Physical Planners Board. There shall also be a Commissioner for Physical Planning.

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    March, 2006
    Saint Lucia

    The provisions of this Act shall apply only to land, interests in land, or dealings in land, registered under this Act. This Act sets forth organization, administration, duties, authorities and responsibilities of the Land Registry and registrars. A Registrar of Lands shall be appointed by the Public Service Commission to manage the Land Registry in accordance with this Act. The Land Registry includes a register in respect of every parcel which has been adjudicated in accordance with the Land Adjudication Act and a register in respect of each lease required by this Act to be registered.

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    August, 2000
    Saint Lucia

    This Act sets forth procedures and principles of acquiring any land by the Government for public purposes. The acquisition of lands for public purposes shall only be made by the declaration of the Governor General. In addition, the Governor General may authorize officers for a preliminary survey or other investigation of the land, for the purchase of the land, for setting the borders of the acquired land, and for gathering information. The Governor General may state a decision for the abandonment of acquisition at any time before any land has been acquired compulsorily.

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    May, 1994

    Soil protection is the state problem since correct and rational use of all types of soil, including barren soil, saline soils, swamped soil, alkali soil and aqueous soil are the main reserve of dynamic development of agriculture and of the national economy as a whole. The purpose of the present Law is to ensure the integrity of soil surface, conservation thereof and rise of soil fertility, to establish the rights and the duties of landholders, landowners and the state in the field of soil protection and setting up conditions for ecological production. The Law consists of 11 Articles.

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    December, 2016

    La présente loi portant Code minier Cameroun qui comprend 242 article regroupés en douze (12) titres, vise à favoriser, à encourager et à promouvoir les investissements dans le secteur minier susceptibles de contribuer au développement économique et social du pays. A cet effet, il régit la reconnaissance, la recherche, l’exploitation, la détention, le transport, la transformation et la commercialisation des substances minérales.

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    October, 1991

    La presente Ley introduce el marco normativo que rige las acciones tendientes a la conservación del suelo agrícola, es decir al mantenimiento y mejoramiento de su capacidad productiva.

  9. Library Resource
    January, 1999

    This Act settles the conditions and the order of: prospecting, exploration and extraction of the underground natural resources on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, in the continental shelf and in the exclusive economical zone in the Black sea; protection of the earth inner structure, and rational using of the underground resources on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, in the continental shelf and in the exclusive economical zone in the Black sea.

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    November, 2004

    This Land Code stipulates that land shall be public property protected by the state and shall be rationally and efficiently managed. It regulates land relations and applies to natural and legal foreign and domestic persons and to foreign states and international organizations.

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