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    September, 2014
    China, Gabon

    Rapid economic growth in China has
    boosted its demand for commodities. At the same time, many
    commodity sectors have experienced declining demand from
    high-income northern economies. This paper examines two
    hypotheses of the consequences of this shift in final
    markets for the organization of global value chains in
    general, and for the role played in them by southern
    producers in particular. The first is that there will be a

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    September, 2014
    Africa, Eastern Africa

    This paper investigates the reasons for
    the low application of external fertilizers on farms in
    Kenya and Uganda. The analysis uses a large panel of
    household data with rich soil fertility data at the plot
    level. The authors control for maize seed selection and
    household effects by using a fixed-effects semi-parametric
    endogenous switching model. The results suggest that Kenyan
    maize farmers have applied inorganic fertilizer at the

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    September, 2014

    Many investments in infrastructure are
    built on the belief that they will ineluctably lead to
    poverty reduction and income generation. This has entailed
    massive aid-financed projects in roads in developing
    countries. However, the lack of robust evaluations and a
    comprehensive theoretical framework could raise questions
    about current strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using the
    second Cameroonian national household survey (Enquete

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    September, 2014

    Paying for performance (P4P) provides
    financial incentives for providers to increase the use and
    quality of care. P4P can affect health care by providing
    incentives for providers to put more effort into specific
    activities, and by increasing the amount of resources
    available to finance the delivery of services. This paper
    evaluates the impact of P4P on the use and quality of
    prenatal, institutional delivery, and child preventive care

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    September, 2014
    Sierra Leone

    This report presents an analysis of
    the Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs and policies
    which affect young children in Sierra Leone. This report is
    part of a series of reports prepared by the World Bank using
    the SABER-ECD framework. The country report includes
    analysis of early learning, health, nutrition and social and
    child protection policies and interventions in Sierra Leone,
    along with regional and international comparisons. The

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    September, 2014
    Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

    Accelerating development in Sub-Saharan
    Africa will require massive expansion of access to
    electricity -- currently reaching only about one-third of
    households. This paper explores how essential economic
    development might be reconciled with the need to keep carbon
    emissions in check. The authors develop a geographically
    explicit framework and use spatial modeling and cost
    estimates from recent engineering studies to determine where

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    September, 2014
    Africa, Eastern Africa

    The East African Community has long
    recognized that regional economic integration can yield
    significant welfare gains to its member states. To that
    end, the community has been making steady progress towards
    the removal of tariffs and quantitative restrictions to
    trade. Moreover, in recent years, there has been an
    increasing recognition that: (a) even greater welfare gains
    could be realized through deeper forms of regional

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    September, 2014

    The innovative approaches and methods
    that Technoserve Mozambique (TnsMz) has pioneered have
    become best practice templates for other Tns country
    operations and, indeed, best practice templates within
    Mozambique itself, where TnsMz's successes in the
    cashew, banana, and poultry industries are notably
    successful. Tns offers no centralized facilities for
    practicing and refining business skills, but rather serves

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    September, 2014

    This Africa's pulse newsletter
    includes the following headings: Sub-Saharan African
    countries continue to grow at a steady pace; the
    region's decade-long economic expansion appears
    sustainable; and for newly resource-rich countries, strong
    governance will be key to harnessing resource wealth for development

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