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    Sri Lanka, Asia, Southern Asia

    Any agricultural land owned by any person in excess of the ceiling established by the Land Reform Commission shall (a) be deemed to vest in the Commission; and (b) be deemed to be held by the former owner under a statutory lease from the Commission in compliance with the terms and conditions set out by the Law.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The present Act makes provisions for the registration and organization of cooperative societies, defines their powers, privileges and duties and provides for their internal organization, management and finances, and provides for other matters relating to the functioning of cooperative societies and cooperative development.

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    Marshall Islands, Oceania

    The administration, control, custody and management of the Coastal Zone, and the general administration and implementation of the provisions of this Act are hereby vested in the National Environmental Protection Authority. "Coastal Zone" means the area laying within a limit of twenty five (25) feet landwards of the mean high water line and a limit of two hundred feet seawards of the mean low water line. The Authority shall appoint a Director of Coast Conservation.

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    Spain, Europe, Southern Europe

    La presente Ley tiene por objeto regular el ejercicio de la función pública de la ordenación del territorio por la Comunidad Autónoma, estableciendo a tal fin medidas de organización e instrumentos de planeamiento, gestión, información y de tipo complementario, conforme a los objetivos y estrategias que se prevén en la presente Ley.

    Enmendado por: Ley Nº 8/2011 - Medidas para compatibilizar los proyectos de nieve con el desarrollo sostenible de los territorios de montaña. (2011-03-10)

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    United States of America, Americas, Northern America

    This Act establishes a comprehensive framework within which the Secretary of Agriculture shall administer agriculture and food programs to ensure food security.

  6. Library Resource
    Argentina, Americas, South America

    La presente Ley establece el procedimiento a seguir para la expropiación de fondos por razones de utilidad pública. Las presentes disposiciones especifican los sujetos de la relación expropiatoria y cuáles son los objetos expropiables, tanto del dominio público como privado. La Ley regula con detalle el procedimiento administrativo y la determinación de la indemnización a ser correspondida.

  7. Library Resource
    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Act applies to stone, gravel, sand, clay, lime, chalk, peat, topsoil and similar elements. Exploitation of mineral deposits on land and sea must be part of a sustainable development plan which purpose is to ensure monitoring of mining areas after extraction, raw material supply, ensure that raw materials used are quality based and that raw materials shall be, where possible, replaced by waste products.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    Land reform is aimed at redistribution of land for the purpose of setting up conditions for equal development of different forms of economic activity on land, creation of multiple economic structure, rational use and protection of land on the territory of the RSFSR. In the course of carrying out land reform citizens, enterprises, organizations, departments, associations and companies are allotted plots of land with legal guarantees in accordance with the modalities established by the Russian legislation currently in force.

  9. Library Resource
    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act sets conditions for the exercise of land survey activities. In order to fulfill this capacity, a person must be of legal age, is not under bankruptcy, has passed the Danish surveyor exam and has at least 3 years’ experience following the surveying exam, and has participated in the commonly occurring cadastral works by recruitment from a practicing surveyor – either by Survey and Cadastre Authority of the Jutland department or cadastral authority in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipality.

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