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    Belgium, Europe, Western Europe

    Cet arrêté du Gouvernement flamand portant exécution de certains articles du décret du 23 janvier 1991 relatif à la protection de l'environnement contre la pollution due aux engrais est formé par 68 articles répartis en 12 chapitres. D'abord, sont définis certains termes comme, parmi d'autres, "décret", "Ministre", "formulaires", etc. (I); Déclaration (II).

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    Brazil, Americas, South America

    This Act regulates the rights and obligations regarding rural real estates in order to implement the Agricultural Reform and to promote the Agricultural Policy. It is divided into 4 Parts composed of various Chapters.Part 1 is divided as follows: Principles and definitions (chap. I), defining types of agricultural land, associations, companies, cooperatives, etc.; Agreements (chap. II), laying down agreements between the agricultural Federal agents and the Brazilian Institute for Agricultural Reform which shall represent the central Government; Chapter III concerns (a) Public (sect.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The 8 Parts of this Act are entitled as follows: Land districts and recording districts (Part 1); Disposition of Crown land (2); Application procedure for disposition of Crown land (3); Disposition of Crown land - Cancellation, amendment and abandonment (4); Crown grants (5); Trespass on Crown land (6); Surveys (7); Additional powers (8).The Act regulates Crown land and its disposition, which is defined in section 1 as "the act of disposal or an instrument by which the act is effected or evidenced, or by which an interest in Crown land is disposed of or effected, or by which the government

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    This Act sets out the legal, administrative and procedural framework for determining land title in British Columbia.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    This Act regulates land title inquiries for fee simple titles, for interests in land, or for government title to land. Inquiries may be initiated on application by the interested party to the Supreme Court in the form of a petition (sects. 1 and 2). In case of a contest of title etc., the Court may either decide on the evidence before it, direct any issue to be tried by a jury or defer the declaration until further investigation (sect. 17). A model for an order of the Court containing a declaration of title is specified in section 23.

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    Wet houdende verzelfstandiging van de Rijksdienst van het Kadaster en de Openbare Registers.

    Netherlands, Europe, Western Europe

    The scope of this Act is to give more autonomy to the Cadastre and Public Registers Department. Article 2 provides for the establishment of Cadastre and Public Registers Agency which shall be responsible for the keeping and administration of Public Registers pursuant to provisions of the Cadastre Act. Chapter 2 makes provision for the Board and the Supervisory Board of the Agency. The Board is vested with the management of the Agency (art. 7). The Supervisory Board shall supervise the Board's management and the general course of affairs in the organization of the Agency.

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    An Ordinance to regulate the alienation and occupation of Sttate lands.

    Malaysia, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    The Ordinance is divided into the following Parts: Preliminary (I); Country Lands (II); Town Lands (III); Native Lands (IV); Registration (V); Part VI has been repealed; Collection of Land Revenue (VII); Demarcation and Survey (VIII); Trespasses and Penalties (IX).The entire property in and control of State land or land reserved for a public purpose is vested in the Government. Subject to any general or special direction of the Minister, the Director of Lands and Surveys may alienate State land, according to the terms and conditions established in this Ordinance.

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    A Proclamation to Provide for the Registration of Land and Other Immovable Property.

    Eritrea, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Proclamation makes provision for the registration of land and other immovable property. It provides for the establishment of a Cadastral Office, for the registration of all land, rights over land and duties that emanate from such rights, and the transfer of property through sales, donation, succession or other manner. The registration system shall use the application forms and certificate pursuant to Legal Notice No. 31/1997. On the basis of the abovementioned documentation, the Cadastral Office shall keep a map or plan that clearly shows parcel features and boundaries.

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    An Act Relating to the Conversion of the Tenure of Customary Land into Individualized Tenure, and for other purposes.

    Papua New Guinea, Oceania

    The Act is divided into the following Parts: Preliminary (I); Conversion of Tenure (II); Avoidance of Fragmentation and Regulation of Dealings (III); Certain Fees, Etc. (IV); Miscellaneous (V).The Land Titles Commission shall complete an adjudication record and shall enquire whether a Native wishes to apply for registration of any native land included in the record by agreement. Further provisions concern the procedure to be followed for said registration.

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    Morocco, Africa, Northern Africa

    Ce dahir prévoit la possibilité d'une immatriculation d'ensemble des terres rurales, pour des zones qui seront délimitées par un arrêté du Ministre de l'agriculture et de la réforme agraire. Il fixe aussi les formes et les conditions dans lesquelles l'immatriculation d'ensemble sera effectuée.

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