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    December, 2017

    The Nile Delta of Egypt is known for its large irrigated area supplied with water diverted from the Nile River, with a limited use of groundwater, largely for domestic and industrial use. Official statistics for the whole delta indicate that there are a few thousand individual wells used for agriculture by a population of over 2 million farmers. This study, however, shows that a phenomenon of groundwater development for irrigation has been unfolding over the last few years, largely below the radar of managers and researchers.

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    Peer-reviewed publication
    June, 2017

    Needs land settlement increasingly over the development of cities. Demands of land use settlement that can’t be accommodated by the city space to inflict urban sprawl to the urban fringe. Urban fringe development caused visibility of the morphology. Propose of the research is to know the form of morphology settlement urban fringe the southern Surakarta.

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    Volume 6 Issue 4

    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2017

    The increase of summer temperatures and a prolonged growing season increase the potential for agricultural land use for subarctic agriculture. Nevertheless, land use at borderline ecotones is influenced by more factors than temperature and the length of the growing season, for example soil quality, as the increasing lengths of dry periods during vegetation season can diminish land use potential. Hence, this study focuses on the quality of the soil resource as possible limiting factor for land use intensification in southern Greenland.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2017

    The Great Green Wall is one of the main vehicles for delivering the Sustainable Development Goals and the Rio conventions in the Sahel. Biodiversity is the foundation of the Great Green Wall in many ways, determining soil productivity and water cycles and providing the foundation for risk management and resilient ecosystems. The Great Green Wall can make a major contribution to achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    March, 2017

    Conscientes do colapso civilizacional com que nos defrontamos como espécie humana e inspirados pela Campanha da Fraternidade deste ano, cujo tema é Fraternidade: Biomas Brasileiros e Defesa da Vida e que tem como lema Cultivar e Guardar a Criação (Gn 2,15), a edição de número 500 da revista IHU On-Line debate o tema que também é assunto central do ciclo de conferências promovido pelo Instituto Humanitas Unisinos – IHU a partir do dia 15 de março até o final do mês de junho deste ano.

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    Brunei Darussalam in 2016

    The Sultan Is Not Amused

    Peer-reviewed publication
    February, 2017
    Brunei Darussalam

    Brunei continued in 2016 to suffer from declining oil and gas prices. The budget deficit grew. The Sultan made economic diversification and ‘‘prudent spending’’ the year’s central political themes. He criticized several government institutions during ‘‘surprise visits’’ and sharply attacked the Ministry of Religious Affairs for ‘‘delaying’’ the full enforcement of an Islamic legal reform.

    K E Y W O R D S : Brunei, oil price crisis, economic diversification, legal reforms, Sharia

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    Journal Articles & Books
    August, 2017

    The Philippines faces a breadth of social and environmental challenges that threaten its economic and political stability. A long history of violent conflict stemming from ethnic, religious, and political tensions is further complicated by changing weather patterns that cause severe drought and damaging storms. Millions of people in Mindanao have been displaced by violence and extreme weather events, and their migration from rural areas leaves room for the expansion of terrorist groups that threaten regional stability.

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