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    uma desconstrução etnográfica

    Journal Articles & Books
    August, 2009
    Africa, Guinea-Bissau
    Neste artigo, através de um estudo de caso, é analisada a complexidade da relação entre crescimento populacional, agricultura e gestão sustentável dos recursos naturais e o reducionismo das designadas “narrativas da degradação ambiental”.
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    Reports & Research
    March, 2008
    South America, Brazil
    Diante da problemática dos grandes projetos ou projetos de desenvolvimento , cada vez mais comuns à realidade contemporânea de diversos países que se pretendem em votos de crescimento econômico, tornase coerente questionar como vivem e se adequam os diversos grupos sociais que são abruptamente inseridos em contextos de políticas interventivas ao meio-ambiente, que transformam dinâmicas históricas, cotidianas, rompendoas e retratando-as num novo cenário de desenvolvimento.
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    May, 2001

    This Act includes article 21-A to Act No. 8.171 concerning agricultural policy. New article defines the areas subjet to the desertification process within the national territory. Such areas may be exploited only by applying an adequate management plan and by using new technologies in order to stop the desertification process and to improve the deserted areas.

    Amends: Law No. 8.171 on agricultural policy. (2016-05-10)

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    April, 2017

    This Law, consisting of 69 articles divided into five Chapters, defines the regime applicable to the expropriation of immovable property and establishes rules and procedures for cases in which the State, with a view to the pursuit of a public purpose, is impelled, in the absence of other viable alternative solutions, to call upon itself the ownership of immovable property in the private domain. It specifies the cases in which expropriation is allowed, such as: when the property must pursue a purpose of public utility.

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    September, 2017

    This Presidential Decree, consisting of 156 articles divided into seven Chapters and one Annex, regulates the principles and norms for the organization and functioning of Local Government Bodies, establishing the respective organizational structures, as well as their operational mechanisms in the field of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Environment, Health, Social Security, Gender Equality, Energy and Water resources.

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    August, 1992
    Macao S.A.R

    This Law, consisting of 27 articles divided into four Chapters, establishes the legal regime for land expropriation. The Law establishes that everyone has the right to private property and its transmission in life or death, according to the law. The immovable property and rights inherent thereto may be expropriated for the sake of public utility, upon the payment of just compensation. It is divided as follows: General provisions (Chap. I); Declaration of public utility and authorization of administrative possession (Chap. II); Compensation regime (Chap. III); Final provisions (Chap.

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    March, 2017

    This Decree, consisting of 10 articles, creates the Land Regularization Programme for Rural Land in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. This Land Regularization Programme aims at legitimizing land tenure and granting the right to use vacant rural lands, such as: those lands not included in the Union; those belonging to the domain of the State, are not used by the Public Power or intended for specific administrative purposes, and those that, not belonging to the domain of the Union, and are not in the private domain by any legitimate title.

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    January, 2016

    This Presidential Decree approves the Statute of the National Institute of Territorial Planning and Urban Development (INOTU). This Statute, consisting of 5 Chapters divided into 23 articles and completed by four Annexes, establishes the composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned public institution of the Economic and Productive Sector.

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    April, 2017

    This Law, consisting of 34 articles divided into four Chapters, approves the Basic Legislation of Land Use Planning.

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