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    An analysis of some of the consequences of state devolution in land and resource tenure

    Conference Papers & Reports
    October, 2001
    South Africa

    This paper argues that the focus in the community based natural resource management (CBNRM) literature on the devolution and decentralisation of state authority and responsibility over natural resources to communities does not pay sufficient attention to the role of the state in creating and maintaining a coherent institutional environment.

  2. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    August, 2017


    This report was prepared by Centre for Land Governance, NRMC, the Secretariat of India Land & Development Conference 2017. This report provides an overview of the proceedings of India Land & Development Conference, organized at India International Centre, New Delhi, India on April 5-6th 2017.

    This report consists sharing of experiences, knowledge and practices over eight thematic sessions, two panel discussions and a special session.

    Eight Sessions in the Conference are as follows:

  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2004
    South Africa

    This paper is concerned primarily with the functions of land administration. Its
    purpose is to describe the current land administration practices as understood by
    traditional structures with a view to unpacking some of the components of the existing
    African tenure arrangements in KwaZulu-Natal. This, it is hoped, will help to create a
    base to understand how communal land systems operate, regardless of which structure
    governs them, in order to support practices that secure tenure effectively.

  4. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2005
    South Africa

    Approaches to securing tenure have been dominated by debates about whether titling advances secure land tenure and development in developing countries or whether it is either ineffectual or detrimental to socially more relevant systems. While the policies of many developing countries, including South Africa, continue to support titling approaches to securing tenure, there is widespread confirmation in the literature that title can be problematic for poor people living in both urban and rural areas.

  5. Library Resource

    Improving the nature, style and content of the founding documents of legal entities established to take transfer of land.

    Manuals & Guidelines
    December, 2002
    South Africa

    Simplification is a process in which all the essential provisions of an existing Legalese constitution are captured in plain language. Simplifying a constitution is more complex than simplifying the language within it. It involves digging out and putting in order the meaning of a document, as well as writing it in plain language.

  6. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    October, 2010

    The article published in NeBIO-An International Journal of Environment and Biodiversity highlights the complicated classifications of land ownership in Khasi Hills viz., private land, group or clan land, community land and government land.

  7. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    February, 2016

    This book made an attempt to bring together various legislative protections available to the tribals communities pertaining to the land and governance in the scheduled areas and the role of different institutions to achieve the goals enshrined in the Constitution. It examined the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution and its various provisions and special arrangements made for areas inhabited by Scheduled Tribes and the law relating to local self governance in these areas, primarily through village panchayat-an institution of local self governance.

  8. Library Resource

    Case studies and local voices from Botswana, Madagascar and Mozambique

    Reports & Research
    June, 2011
    Madagascar, Mozambique, Botswana

    This reviews the literature on decentralised land governance in Southern Africa, highlighting key issues and challenges of ‘land governance from below’.

  9. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2011

    Access to land and land-based resources has been a critical issue for the Adivasi living in forested landscapes of Central India, including Odisha. This paper highlights poor access to land as major reasons of poverty among adivasis and recurrent conflicts in tribal regions of Odisha.

  10. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    June, 2013

    Land in the Zeliangrong community is controlled under the customary land tenure system in which the village owner (Nampou) governed granting equal access to all the families within groups with common lineages. The increase in complexity due to rapid changes in domestic situation through government policies led to the alteration of traditional land tenure systems in Tamenglong District.

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