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    September, 2013

    These Regulations, made in terms of section 77 read with section 46 of the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform, concern subletting of a farm unit. They make provision with respect to an application for consent to sublet farming unit and rent, defines size of farming unit to be sublet and the duration of a sublease, prescribe conditions on subletting farming units by sub-lessees and prescribe conditions on grazing livestock.

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    National Policies
    August, 2013

    The Vanuatu Land Use Planning Policy is a national sectoral policy of Vanuatu for the period 2012-2017. Its main objective is to guide land use planning by setting priorities and outlining legislative and institutional settings to enable land use planning that encourages the best current use of Vanuatu’s land resources.The Policy aims to support food security.

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    March, 2016

    Article 1 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Farming shall be considered entrepreneurial activity performed by natural persons in the sphere of production of agricultural commodities, processing and trade thereof, with a view of generating income, on plots of land transferred thereto in ownership, tenancy and lease for farming and production of agricultural commodities, individual peasant farming, in accordance with the provisions of acting legislation”.

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    January, 2013

    This Act amends the Land Reform Act by addition of provisions (replacing sections 6,7 and 8) concerning, among other things; the certification of negotiator of land rights or land disputes of custom land owners; the identification of custom owners or disputing groups by the National Coordinator; consultation with the custom owners; procedures of the negotiation process including a custom owners’ consultation report; consent to a negotiated lease; notification of intention to register lease instrument; appointment of the Land Ombudsman; lodging of complaints with the Land Ombudsman; function

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    November, 2017
    United Kingdom

    These Regulations make provision in relation to bringing into force sections 83 (core path plans) and 84 (access rights: service of court applications) of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016. They also make transitory provision so that the references to “a repairing tenancy” inserted into various enactments by the provisions of schedule 1 are to be ignored until such time as section 92 of the 2016 Act comes into force for all purposes.

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    December, 1992

    This Law, consisting of 31 articles divided into five Chapters, creates the Institute of Land and Colonization of Roraima (ITERAIMA) as an entity linked to the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply. ITERAIMA aims to the standardization of State public urban and rural lands.

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    July, 2017
    New Zealand

    This Act, consisting of 250 sections divided into five Parts and one Schedule, establishes Land title and registration requirements.

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    February, 2016

    This Act amends the Lands, Surveys and Environment Act 1989 with respect to grant a lease of government land and allotment of such land without competition. It also concerns consent by the Land Board to dealings with leases. The Board shall not consent to a mortgage except for the erection of a dwelling on the land or to increase the production thereof or for the purchase of any unit estate under the Unit Titles Act 2009. Consequential amendments are made to section 23 of the Survey Act 2010.

    Amends: Lands, Surveys and Environment Act 1989. (2015-11-05)

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    April, 2016

    These Measures are enacted for the purpose of regulating the administration of increment income of rural collectively-owned commercial construction land, establishing a land increment income distribution mechanism which gives consideration to the state, collectives and individuals, ensuring that farmers fairly share land increment income.

  10. Library Resource
    January, 1967
    United States of America

    This Part of the California Food and Agricultural Code concerns the California Exposition and State Fair. Specifically, it creates the California Exposition and State Fair as a new entity in state government with the intent to vitalize it. The Fair’s board of directors is then tasked to develop a policy which provides for an innovative program including the concept of an agriculturally themed exposition which would communicate the issues surrounding the production and marketing of food, fiber, and plant material to the general public and such other concepts as are feasible.

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