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    Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, Americas

    Section 11 of the State Land (Regularisation of Tenure) Act, 1998 provides for the granting of a certificate of comfort against ejectment. In accordance with these Regulations a squatter shall apply for a certificate in a prescribed form and attach to the application document of proof of occupation of the dwelling. Regulation 4 provides for application in case the application is out of occupation.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Regional Law establishes that owners, tenants and leaseholders of plots of land that intend perform mining (without explosives) for the purpose of extraction of common widespread minerals and groundwater for proper needs must submit to the authorized regional state body in the sphere of subsoil management application accompanied by documentation attesting right to plot of land 30 days prior to the beginning of mining. Categories specified above must comply with requirements of legislation on subsoil, prevent negative environmental impact and ensure safe working process.

  3. Library Resource
    Vietnam, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    This Circular, consisting of 9 articles divided into three Chapters, prescribes the management and use of riparian alluvial land, coastal alluvial land and coastal land with water surface used for agricultural production, forestry, aquaculture and salt-making. This Circular applies to state management agencies; domestic organizations, households and individuals; overseas Vietnamese; and foreign organizations and individuals involved in the above mentioned activities.

  4. Library Resource
    Bahamas, Americas, Caribbean

    This Act makes provision with respect to goods and chattels that belong to a tenant that has arrears of rent to a landlord and which shall secure compensation for non-payment of such rent and relative execution. Distress or the bringing of actions may also be applied in the case of lease for life.

  5. Library Resource
    Belgium, Europe, Western Europe

    Cet arrêté du Gouvernement flamand modifie certains articles de l'arrêté du Gouvernement flamand du 10 novembre 2000 fixant un régime indemnitaire en exécution de l'article 15, 15bis, 15ter, 15sexies, §§ 1er et 3 et 15septies du décret du 23 janvier 1991 relatif à la protection de l'environnement contre la pollution due aux engrais et modifiant l'arrêté du Gouvernement flamand du 26 mai 2000 portant exécution de certains articles du même décret. Dans l'article 4 du susdit arrêté le paragraphe 2 est remplacé par les dispositions suivantes: "§ 2.

  6. Library Resource
    Azerbaijan, Western Asia, Asia

    This Ministerial Decree regulates the modalities of lease of public forest land to natural and legal persons. Forested and unforested land can be granted on lease for reforestation in accordance with contract for the period of 10 years. The applicant shall submit the application form containing personal data, address, location of requested forest plot land to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Sub-lease of public forest land shall be prohibited.

    Amended by: Ministerial Decree № 198 amending the Ministerial Decree No. 214 on lease of public forest land. (2017-05-10)

  7. Library Resource
    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Act strengthens the legal framework concerning title to custom land and concerns management of custom land by customary institutions. It formalizes the recognition of customary institutions termed ‘nakamals’ and ‘custom area land tribunals’ to determine the rules of custom which form the basis of ownership and use of land in Vanuatu. In general the Act aims at holding of custom land by owners as a group. Custom land means land owned or occupied, or land in which an interest is held, by one or more persons in accordance with the rules of custom.

  8. Library Resource
    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Regional Law delimits plenary powers of the Regional Assembly, Regional Government and regional executive bodies in the sphere of land tenure and land management. It envisages the issues of land governance and, in particular, the modalities of lease of land in accordance with contracts, terms and conditions of allotment of agricultural land to citizens. It also establishes minimum and maximum land areas conceded in ownership to citizens for horticulture, gardening and suburban housing construction, and also concession of public and municipal land to citizens for stockbreeding.

  9. Library Resource
    Russia, Tajikistan, Asia, Central Asia

    This Law regulates legal, economic and organizational grounds of relations originating from, acting and cessation of mortgage.

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