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    Other legal document
    December, 2005
    Egypt, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Africa

    Supporting capacity development for sustainable agricultural water management The International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID) is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the IPTRID Secretariat as a Special Programme of FAO. The Secretariat is located in the Land and Water Development division of FAO and draws on a worldwide network of leading centres of excellence in the field of irrigation, drainage and water resources management.

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    June, 1999
    Finland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Europe, Northern Europe
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    Legge regionale n. 4: Nuove norme in materia di bonifica integrale e di riordino dei consorzi di bonifica.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Regional Act sets out the legislative framework for the integral bonification of land with a view to ensuring land conservation, water safety, environmental protection and preservation of rural areas. It provides for the rearrangement of bonification consortia operating in the regional territory and further provides for the adoption of plans in the different districts.

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    Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica n. 157: Regolamento di esecuzione del Regolamento (CE) n. 166/2006 relativo all'istituzione di un Registro europeo delle emissioni e dei trasferimenti di sostanze inquinanti e che modifica le direttive 91...

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Decree implements Regulation (EC) No. 166/2006 concerning the establishment of a European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register. It lays down detailed provisions concerning competent authorities, duties of management and publication of information on releases of pollutants and transfers of pollutants and waste.

    Implements: Regulation (EC) No. 166/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the establishment of a European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register and amending Council Directives 91/689/EEC and 96/61/EC. (2006-01-18)

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Regional Act lays down the legislative framework concerning the protection of soil, water resources and coastal territories in Toscana. The Act establishes principles for the adoption of programmes, plans and projects to undertake interventions that have an impact on such resources. A Commission for Soil Protection is established (art. 4). Provisions on monitoring and penalties are laid down too.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Regional Act provides for the reclamation and improvement of abandoned or uncultivated lands and lands which are insufficiently cultivated, within the environmental protection framework. Article 2 gives the definition of abandoned land, uncultivated land and insufficiently cultivated land. Within nine months from the entry into force of this Act, the Regional Council shall determine the abandoned lands falling within the regional territory. Thereafter, the Regional Council shall establish the criteria for the agricultural or forest use of such lands.

  7. Library Resource

    Legge Regionale n. 24: Disposizioni in materia di agricoltura sociale.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Regional Act aims at the promotion and development within Toscana of social agriculture, which refers to activities carried out by agricultural entrepreneurs, as defined under article 2135 of the Civil Code. Article 4 sets up the Regional Observatory on Social Agriculture; article 5 provides for the registration of related agricultural lands.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The present Provincial Act lays down provisions intended to protect the internal waters of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. For the purpose of this Act, natural and artificial lakes comprised within the provincial territory are considered as protected basins. Such protection determines some use restrictions for the owners or holders of the territories concerned. Particular prohibitions are set forth in article 3 (2). For instance, any modification of the elements which constitute a basin is forbidden, as well as the release of waste and waste water discharges.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Decree Law represents the basic legal framework in matter of forestry. Since it was enacted in 1923, it must be coordinated with the Constitution, which entrusts particular legislative and administrative competences to the Regions in matter of forestry as well (art. 117). The Decree consists of seven Titles. Title I makes provision for the protection of the public interests. To this end, certain restrictions shall be applied to private lands, so as to guarantee the public safety and protect the water regime.

  10. Library Resource
    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    By way of implementation of Directive 96/61/EC, this Legislative Decree aims at the integrated prevention and control of pollution which arises from the activities specified in Annex I. There are established particular measures intended to prevent and reduce emissions into the air, water and land, comprising general principles in matter of waste management. Furthermore, the Legislative Decree regulates the issue and renewal of the environmental integrated authorization which is required for the installations mentioned in Annex I.

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