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    This summary of Land Tenure and Property Rights (LTPR) issues in Albania is part of a series of LTPR Country Profiles produced by Associates in Rural Development, World Resources Institute and Rural Development Institute for USAID. The profile includes information on property rights and tenure concerning land, forests, freshwater, and minerals, as well as an aggregation of LTPR-related indicators. Options and opportunities for intervention by USAID are presented at the end of the profile, along with an extensive list of references for additional information.

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    Articles 5a and 23a are hereby added to Law No. 7501 on the land. Upon division of the land, the Land Commissions at the villages shall deposit the documentation on land distribution with the cadastre office of the competent district. Article 23a concerns the penalty to be applied to Land Commissions in case of violation of the criteria established by the Law for compiling documentation on land distribution.

    Amends: Land Law No. 7501. (1991-07-19)

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    The present Law lays down certain amendments to Law No. 7715, which amended Land Law No. 7501 on land leasing. According to the new provisions hereby established, the decision of the Municipality or Community Council adopted in accordance with article 21 of Law No. 7501 shall be executive title of final instance.

    Amends: Law No. 7715 amending Land Law No. 7501 establishing land leasing. (1993-06-02)

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    Abkommen zwischen der Republik Österreich und der Republik Albanien über die bilateralen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen.

    International Conventions or Treaties
    Albania, Austria, Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe

    An Agreement between between the Federal Government of the Republic of Austria and the Republic of Albania on bilateral economic relations. The Contracting Parties shall develop economic bilateral cooperation for their mutual benefit in the following fields: agriculture and forestry, food industry, energy, protection of the environment, soil protection, pesticides. The text consists of 14 sections.

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Instruction amends articles 6, 8, 11-13 of Instruction No.1 of 2012 with regard to the tasks and rules of procedure of the commission responsible for accepting and evaluating the applications for high-risk energy-related construction permits.

    Amends: Instruction No.1 of 2012 laying down rules and procedures for obtaining construction permits for high risk energy-related buildings and for the establishment of the evaluation commission. (2012-04-30)

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Instruction lays down the rules and procedures to be used in examining the applications for developmental permits submitted to the Ministry of Environment and the establishment of the permanent commission responsible for their examination. The content and the supporting documentation of the application are further regulated in detail.

    Implements: Law No. 10119 on land use planning. (2009-04-23)

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    According to the Instruction, the National Agency of Territory Planning should evaluate and report on the legality and compliance of all proposed territory development requests with the national or regional planning instruments. The reporting should take place within 30 days of the request submission.

    Implements: Regulation No. 199 of 2014 supplementing Regulation No. 480 of 2011 of the Council of Ministers on land use planning. (2014-04-02)

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law amends Law No. 8318 on leasing the agricultural and forest lands. It consists of 3 articles re-defining land leasing conditions of the aforementioned areas and establishing requirements to be satisfied in order to obtain a leasing contract for agricultural or forest exploitation.

    Amends: Law No. 8318 on Leasing Agricultural and Forest Land, Pastures and Meadows which are covered in the State Property Law 1995. (1998-04-01)

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